Understanding Addiction | Canadian Centre for AddictionsUnderstanding Addiction | Canadian Centre for Addictions

Drug Abuse & Drug Addiction

Untreated drug addiction ruins lives. Things that can result from drugs include:
  • A short-lived high followed by a disproportionately long low;
  • Impaired senses and judgement;
  • Rash, irrational or dangerous behaviour;
  • Broken relationships with family and friends;
  • Job loss;
  • Criminal record;
  • Serious health complications resulting from drug use or poor self-care;
  • Overdose.
Drugs are a common thing for young and older people alike. They are easier than ever to find. Often, they are laced with other substances to make them more addictive, meaning they are also more dangerous than ever.

Drug abuse is a slippery slope. It can lead to using larger and larger doses just to get the same buzz, increasing the danger to the user. Or it can lead to the drug user trying and then getting addicted to different drugs. Our Toronto drug rehab program will help you get your life back in order.

What Counts As A Drug?

Some drugs aren’t viewed as drugs because they are more common or more widely accepted. But all drugs can be addictive and have negative effects on the person. Drugs include:
  • Marijuana;
  • Heroin;
  • Psilocybin (magic mushrooms);
  • Prescription Opioids (Oxycodone, Percocet, fentanyl);
  • Crack;
  • Cocaine;
  • Crystal Meth;
  • LSD;
  • Ketamine;
  • Ecstasy;
  • Benzodiazepines (Valium, Xanax).
Each of these and many other drugs can impair your life and pose dangers to your health, despite the common misconception that some are “safe” drugs.

Break the Addiction and Pick Yourself Up

If you’re tired of the negative effects drugs are having on your life or the lives of the ones you love, drug treatment can help you overcome the addiction and help you live a drug-free life. A drug-free life means:
  • Better moods;
  • Clear judgement;
  • Control over your own life;
  • Repaired relationships with the ones you love;
  • Better performance at work;
  • Health.
At the Canadian Centre for Addictions, we can help you end drug abuse and recover from addiction. If you suffer from an alcohol addiction, check out our Toronto alcohol rehab program. We provide extensive support for the person suffering from drug dependence and for the people in that person’s life.

How Long Does Rehab Take?

It depends on you, your life, your circumstances. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer because your situation isn’t the same as anyone else’s. The good news is that we’re here for you as long as it takes. You can stay in rehab as long as you need, and we’ll work with you to tailor our care to your own situation.

Studies show that the longer a person stays in rehab, the better their chances of successfully recovering. The longer you spend with us, the longer you’ll have to build positive habits and treat the causes of your addiction, rather than merely the symptoms. That type of work doesn’t get done overnight. But at least it gets done.

Even after your stay in our facility ends, the support you receive continues. The Canadian Centre for Addictions provides outpatient aftercare services for as long as you need up to a year.
So how long does it take? It takes as long as it takes, and we’ll stay with you through it.

Call Us and Start Your Upward Journey

At the Canadian Centre for Addictions, you’ll have access to outpatient and inpatient rehab services. We’ll help you through withdrawal. We’ll help you restructure your days to keep drugs out of your life. We’ll help you repair relationships.

You’ll get access to one-on-one counseling and a community of support through group counseling. As an inpatient at our facility, you’ll also get luxury amenities, homemade food and structured days filled with awesome activities to make the process easier. And whether you’re an inpatient or outpatient, your family members will also have access to one-on-one and group support.

Call us and start the healing process right now.