Life at Canadian Centre for Addictions. How Does Rehab Work?

Get to know our private rehabilitation facility and the pride we take in supporting our clients.

Life at Canadian Centre for Addictions. How Does Rehab Work?

We Treat Clients from all Walks of Life

Seeking Inpatient care doesn’t mean turning your life upside down. We tailor your recovery so you can remain connected to your life and responsibilities in the world outside so you transition back into normal life is as smooth as possible

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A Quality, Private Recovery Facility

Emotional recovery is at the forefront of our services. We believe in being the home away from home you need to begin healing. From private rooms, residential treatments, and caring support, our luxury rehab centers offer the best in-patient care.

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Canadian Centre for Addictions Makes a Commitment

In our rehab, life is organised to give the most effective help and care for people trying to recover from addiction.

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Supportive Environment

Our treatment centre strives to create an environment that is steady, solid, and supportive of recovery. We help prepare individuals for life afterward by providing the inpatient or outpatient treatment needed for long-term recovery.


What should I expect when I’m in CCFA?

A typical day will include certain meetings, educational workshops that may be about addiction and recovery, or another facet of recovery called practical life skills such as yoga to help with treatment one’s total being, and personal free time for meditation and rest. They often also include three meals a day – for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as other things like meetings among peers or community activities at night.

Are there certain rules that have to be followed while at CCFA?

Yes, the centre maintains certain rules in order to create an atmosphere safe for recovery from drug and alcohol. For example it has a strict no-alcohol an d no-drugs policy and requires following the timetable each day as well as joining appointed sessions if one is called on. In addition, residents are asked not to invade or intrude upon other residents’ privacy or personal space without permission and without first notifying the administrative staff.

What kinds of therapy are in use at CCFA?

CCFA provides a variety of therapeutic approaches including cognitive behavior therapy, group counselling, individual sessions, and even family therapy. The centre may also offer specialized therapies like trauma therapy or mindfulness-based practices.

Is my treatment at CCFA confidential?

Yes. CCFA has confidentiality standards appropriate for all aspects of a person’s treatment, including who they are and what they tell others.

What should I bring with me to CCFA?

Residents are advised to prepare personal items needed for a comfortable stay, such as clothing, personal toiletries, and self-care items. For a list of things that cannot be taken to CCFA, a list will be provided.

How is my progress tracked and evaluated in treatment?

A team of professionals continuously monitors progress through regular therapy sessions. All changes are measured in the Rehabilitation Wellness Inventory, which provides quantitative data of your progress during treatment. Treatment plans are adjusted according to individual progress toward recovery goals.

Can the family visit during treatment?

Family participation is often recommended as part of clients’ recovery experience. Normally, the Canadian Centre for Addictions has weekly visiting days. Visitors are given more specific details about visiting times and regulations at the admission stage.

Canadian Centre for Addictions is built around a promise that our addiction treatment doesn’t end when you leave, it simply evolves.

Our luxury rehab centres and treatment programs offer the best in-patient care, including private rooms, residential treatments, and caring support.

We tailor your recovery with our rehab program so that you can remain connected to your life and responsibilities in the world outside and that your transition back into normal life is as smooth as possible.

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