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Get to know our private rehabilitation facility and the pride we take in supporting our clients.

We Treat Clients from all Walks of Life

Seeking Inpatient care doesn’t mean turning your life upside down. We tailor your recovery so you can remain connected to your life and responsibilities in the world outside so you transition back into normal life is as smooth as possible.

A Quality, Private Recovery Facility

Emotional recovery is at the forefront of our services. We believe in being the home away from home you need to begin healing. From private rooms, residential treatments, and caring support, our luxury rehab centers offer the best in-patient care.

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CCFA Makes a Commitment

To Professional Transparency

Our residents and visitors are at a vulnerable point in their lives. This is why we take substance abuse treatment very seriously. By being open, communicative and honest about who we are and what we deliver, we take the first step in building the trust that’s needed to form strong bonds with the individuals and families who come to us for help.

To Visitors AND their Loved Ones

Addiction doesn’t solely hurt individuals, it hurts everyone close to them too. That’s why our therapists and staff extend their care to helping families cope with addiction while treating their loved ones. To us, there are two important lifelong journeys that we try to guide: overcoming the addiction itself, and overcoming the hurdles that addiction creates for those in the addict’s closest circle.

To your Mental Health

Learning new techniques in self care and managing specific problems that can affect your mental health are vital. You’ll be better equipped to cope with them and less likely to turn to substance abuse. We stress the importance of keeping you emotionally healthy.

CCFA Makes a

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