Inpatient Rehab

Our premier inpatient rehab centre provides modern and up-to-date treatment for concurrent disorders, effectively addressing the link between mental health and addiction.

Inpatient Rehab

Residential Addiction Treatment at CCFA


We understand that coming to a treatment facility is overwhelming and the worry that comes with commiting to an inpatient program.

Our goal is to provide you with the personalized care and treatment that comes with understanding you, your needs, and what specific therapy and treatment will help you on your way to sobriety and health. With progressive and accredited programs that not only include medical treatment, therapy sessions, and individual counselling we provide a holistic approach that also offers yoga, fine dining, physical fitness, and a garden sanctuary for meditation.

During COVID-19

As a proud member of the essential workforce identified by the Province, the Canadian Centre for Addictions is committed to the highest level of care, health, and safety of our clients and employees. Read more about our COVID-19 safety measures.

Our Approach

We understand that everyone entering our in-patient program has their own challenges,their own unique needs, and will respond to different approaches to getting sober and addressing their mental health issues. Our approach is to treat these concurrent disorders (addiction and mental health) specific to the needs of each person so that they can get well during their stay with us but also learn how to remain healthy for their return to life.

CCFA treats drug and alcohol addiction through a combination of:

Aftercare follow up

Our commitment to your lifetime of success continues long after you leave our treatment centre. We provide a lifetime aftercare program that is accessible online from anywhere in North America or you may choose to continue in-person up to twice a week with one of our trained counselors.

Addictions we treat in our Inpatient Rehab Facility

Our treatment focus helps those looking for relief from their dependency on:

Residential Rehab therapies and amenities

We understand that getting well is not just about treating the addiction and underlying mental health condition. We supplement our medical treatment with complementary therapies that help the whole body because a healthy and nourished body, supports a healthy and nourished mind.

  • Yoga

Yoga helps to centre the mind and body. Yoga encourages relaxation, breathing techniques to manage stress and helps people who have become used to being “disconnected” through drug or alcohol use to reconnect with their bodies, movement, and the moment.

  • Nutrition

Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. It is with a healthy foundation in good nutrition that our clients begin their journey to sobriety and wellness. Our professional Chef creates gourmet dishes for each meal, providing nourishment as well as a fine dining experience for each of our residents.

  • Physical Activity & Fitness

Purposeful movement and physical activity have profound positive effects on both mental health and getting and staying sober. Our full gym, outdoor pool, and yoga classes offer daily opportunities to move, reconnect with your body, relieve stress, distract from the addiction, and prepare for the day or night ahead.

  • Recreation

Recreation comes in many forms, from walking our beautiful grounds, participating in yoga sessions, or having your weekly video call with family. Recreation helps our clients recharge when not in their active therapies. We continually reevaluate what is available at the centre to keep our residents’ engaged, rested, and healthy.

The Benefits of Residential Treatment

The CCFA inpatient rehab program offers direct and focused treatment of drug and alcohol addiction along with concurrent disorders (mental health issues); free from distraction, peer or outside influence who may not be supportive of getting well, and safety and seclusion in a resort-like setting with 24 hour medical supervision that includes management of medical withdrawal to ease the discomfort of detoxification.

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The Canadian Centre for Addictions is here for you. Our centre with luxury amenities is in a serene location, away from the temptations and stresses of the city.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring with me?

Most importantly, a desire to get better. But for the day-to-day, we recommend multiple changes of comfortable clothes, including shoes (we do have activities that include yoga, a pool, and full gym), toothbrush and toiletries, and any medication prescribed by your physician which will be presented at your intake. For other comforts, because family can visit on the weekends, you can always discuss with your counsellor what they may be able to bring when they visit.

Can I have visitors while I am in rehab?

Yes! We know that family support is critical for the ongoing success of our clients, so we encourage family visitation every Saturday and Sunday.

Can I have my smartphone with me?

We do not allow daily use of personal electronics so that our clients can focus wholey on their treatment and health. All electronic devices are securely stored in locked storage, but access is permitted to retrieve family contacts. However, our house phone and email access is available to each client on a daily basis.

How long is the treatment for?

The duration of treatment is based on the needs of each individual however, the length of treatment is usually 30 days but can be extended based on a client’s requirements.

Do I need a Doctor’s referral? What is the process of entering the program?

A doctor’s referral is not needed to attend treatment at CCFA. To enter one of our programs, you just need to call us and speak to one of our admissions specialists to discuss the best treatment for you or your loved one.

Our Residential Treatment Centre is Located in Port Hope, Ontario

The Canadian Centre for Addictions treatment facility is located in the beautiful town of Port Hope, Ontario within easy commute of Toronto, the wider-ranging GTA, and Central and Eastern Ontario.

Our Victorian mansion with sprawling grounds and gardens, reflects the peacefulness and beauty of the historic Port Hope area.

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