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Seeking Inpatient care doesn’t mean turning your life upside down. We tailor your recovery so you can remain connected to your life and responsibilities in the world outside so your transition back into normal life is as smooth as possible.

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Lifetime Aftercare

Freedom from addiction requires a continued connection to recovery. Our aftercare is accessible for all program graduates for life, and is available anywhere in North America. CCFA Aftercare is an important tool that helps you maintain your new healthy life.

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Group Therapy

Knowing that you’re not alone is a crucial part of the journey to authentic recovery. Group Therapy is one of the many levels of treatment care that can help people connect more directly with their addiction and the supports needed to transition to the best version of yourself.

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Individual Therapy

CCFA helps individuals understand their addiction and the healthier coping strategies available by engaging them in one on one counselling with our Certified Addictions Counsellors, Psychotherapists and other Mental Health Professionals.

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Inpatient Rehab

CCFA’s inpatient residential program is a safe, comfortable, 24/7 Medically Supervised program that provides all of the professional addiction services needed to guide you to healthy recovery. Providing Withdrawal Management and Detox services as well as One on One and Group Therapy treatments by Certified Addiction and Mental Health professionals. CCFA will explore many different treatment modalities to help develop and cultivate the tools needed to address and process the underlying issues that led to addiction in the first place.

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Having a loved one who refuses to acknowledge their addiction, or is in denial about it entirely, can leave family feeling helpless. CCFA Interventionists are trained addictions professionals who will provide the coaching and facilitation necessary to have your loved one accept the help that will change their life.

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Outpatient Care

Working one on one with a Certified Addictions Professional, CCFA explores treatment modalities that best resonate with you to develop healthier coping mechanisms that will address the underlying issues that led to addiction.

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