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Treatment Options For Drug Addicts

Written by Seth Fletcher on February 28, 2015
Last update: May 15, 2024

Drug addition is a harsh illness that needs to be treated as soon as possible, because an addiction will not stop on its own. That being said, there are several treatment options for drug addicts that you should know about, so that you can start walking down the right path. This article will discuss them in detail so that you can better understand each option, and what is the best solution for you or your family member’s drug addiction problem.

Family Assistance

This is one of the most common treatment options for drug addicts. Unfortunately, it is also the least effective. Although drug addiction treatment provided by family members is coming from people who love the person who has the addiction, most people simply do not have the knowledge or resources to adequately combat the problem.

The best family assistance that you can provide will come from getting your loved one professional help.

Prescribed Medicine

Drug addiction is both a mental and physical ailment. Medical professionals can prescribe a drug addict with medicine that helps their body reduce the cravings for a substance, enhancing the ability to recover form addiction successfully.

You should note that medicine can only combat the physical part of addiction. In order to be drug-free, your mind needs to be taught that you don’t need the drugs as well.

Group Therapy

This type of drug addiction treatment allows multiple addicts to discuss their addiction, and how they are combating it in an honest and open forum. Group therapy is often a core drug addiction treatment solution. This is for a number of reasons, including:

  • The drug addict no longer feels alone in their plight
  • The drug addict gets to express themselves without feeling as though they will be judged
  • There are people who constantly encourage the drug addict
  • Discussions that occur in group therapy often allow the drug addict to see their plight in a more positive light

You should note that while group therapy is a very effective drug addiction treatment option, it has very limited effectiveness on its own. You should always combine group therapy with another treatment option for maximum effectiveness.


Psychotherapy involves pairing the drug addict with a mental health professional who helps the addict to protect themselves against their own addiction. This addiction treatment option helps the drug addict to develop more positive thought patterns, as well as learn how to combat the influences that can cause drug addiction, including peer pressure and mental triggers for cravings.

Like group therapy, psychotherapy works best when paired with other drug treatment options.

Outpatient Treatment

Outptatient treatment combines the benefits of all of the above treatment options, blending them so that you can effectively benefit from all of them. This makes it much more effective than trying to use one treatment on its own.

The biggest drawback of outpatient treatment lies in the fact that the drug addict is constantly re-exposed to a world wherein their addiction can take control of them at any time.

In-House Rehab

Due to the fact that you get all of the benefits of outpatient treatment and you are no longer exposed to a world of temptation before you have overcome your drug addiction, in-house rehab is the best treatment option for drug addicts.

Effective Drug Treatment Starts with Taking Action

None of the above treatment options for drug addicts will ever work if you do not start fighting this illness as soon as possible. To take the first step towards living a drug free lifestyle, contact a member of our team, so that we can help you and talk to you a little about our drug rehab centre in Ontario, Canada.

Certified Addiction Counsellor

Seth brings many years of professional experience working the front lines of addiction in both the government and privatized sectors.

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