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Marijuana Addiction Treatment

Written by Seth Fletcher on January 8, 2016
Last update: March 7, 2024

Marijuana Addiction Treatment

Marijuana is probably one of the most controversial of all psychoactive drugs. There are more myths and misconceptions about the drug, its nature, its addiction potential, and the physical and psychological problems associated with its use than any other drug we deal with. Marijuana addiction treatment might change it all. After alcohol, it is the most popular drug abused. It is estimated that just over 4% of the total world population has an addiction to marijuana, or 280 million people. Marijuana is a depressant drug, though it does have psychedelic effects at high doses. It is for this reason that it is classified in two categories, though most health professional would classify it as a psychedelic before a depressant. Yes, it is known as a gateway drug because most youngsters an get their hands on it easily. But this sets the stage for something bigger, and larger. At our rehab, we have seen many many cases of individuals who have lost more than they can count. A large majority of them all started abusing marijuana in their teens. So yes, this is not one of those things you should ignore. Marijuana is made up of many different chemical compounds that make it toxic and unhealthy for the human body. It is made up of over 400 chemical compounds and when burned forms an additional 1500. It is these compounds that negatively affect your health and cause mind-altering effects. The most predominant and widely known harmful chemical in marijuana is THC.

Short-Term Effects of Marijuana

  • Impairs judgement;
  • Negatively affects motor control;
  • Increases blood pressure and heart rate;
  • Causes drowsiness and removes inhibitions;
  • Impairs both short- and long-term memory.
Apart from the abovementioned cannabis short-term effects, continued use of marijuana can result in considerable tolerance within a very short period of time. Despite earlier beliefs to the contrary, both psychological dependence and physical dependence to cannabis can develop. Marijuana addiction has simply become so commonplace in today’s society that people are beginning to almost brush it off, arguing that it should be legalized.

Marijuana Facts

  • Marijuana is widely illegal;
  • Marijuana is dangerous;
  • Marijuana is addictive;
  • Marijuana causes cancer of the lungs, tongue, and other major parts of the body;
  • Marijuana causes paranoia, delusions, and inhibits good judgement;
  • Getting charged with possession will give you a criminal record whether you think marijuana is a big deal or not;
  • Marijuana contains hundreds of harmful chemicals;
  • Marijuana increases fatigue and reduces motivation.
The bottom line is simply that marijuana addiction is harmful and offers very little in the way of positives for the individual who chooses to use it. With our drug rehab program in Ontario you will be able to free yourself from smoking weed and end this addiction. Addiction to marijuana is as real as cocaine addiction or alcohol addiction (for which you should seek our alcohol rehab program) and should be taken seriously.
Certified Addiction Counsellor

Seth brings many years of professional experience working the front lines of addiction in both the government and privatized sectors.

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