Group Counselling

When you need a supportive environment in a serene facility, our support groups can help clients find a safe place to talk openly about addiction.

Group Counselling

Drug and Alcohol Counselling

Group therapy can be just as effective as individual therapy in treating a range of addiction and related issues. The benefits of the therapeutic group setting are increasingly being recognized in substance abuse and mental health settings.

Group counselling and psychoeducational therapies offer encouragement and effective ways to counsell different groups in an open and trustworthy setting.

Our Groups

1. Task Groups

  • The group has a clear purpose.
  • There is a balance of process and content issues.
  • There is a climate of cooperation, collaboration, and mutual respect.
  • If a conflict exists, it’s addressed.
  • Feedback is exchanged in a clear and immediate manner.
  • Participants are given time to reflect on their work.

2. Psycho-educational Groups

  • Managing stress
  • Learning assertiveness.
  • Overcoming poly-addiction such as codependency, eating disorders, or gambling.
  • Dealing with alcoholic parents.
  • Learning anger management skills.
  • Managing relationships and ending toxic relationships.

3. Counselling Groups

  • Helping people develop more positive attitudes and better interpersonal skills.
  • Using the group process to facilitate behaviour change.
  • Helping participants transfer newly acquired skills and behaviour learned in the group to everyday life.

4. Psychotherapy Groups

  • The group worker helps individuals remediate psychological problems.
  • People participate in these groups to help alleviate symptoms of psychological disorders such as depression and anxiety.
  • The therapist is interested in creating a climate that fosters understanding and exploration of the problem area.

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