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What Methods Of Drug Addiction Treatment Are Available?

You can overcome a drug addiction. However, doing so begins with getting the right kind of treatment. There are multiple drug treatment options that you have access to. We are going to walk you through what methods of drug addiction treatment are available so that you or your drug addicted family member can start walking the path towards living a drug-free lifestyle.

Self-Treatment Options

Being able to live a drug free lifestyle begins with you or your family member’s willingness to combat the illness. As such, a desire to help yourself is the foundation of any successful drug treatment. Here are the available drug treatment options for self-treatment:

Self-Empowerment Programs

These types of treatment options try to help you control the addiction on your own. It often involves teaching yourself that while you cannot control an addiction, you can learn how to control how you react to it. They also include learning how to help others so that you can reinforce your good habits.

Self-Help Groups

A self-help group gives you an opportunity to interact with those who share your problem. This allows you to see that you are not alone, while providing you with additional perspectives about your addiction and how to fight it. Most self-help groups are guided by a professional who helps keep the progress moving forward for everyone.

Family Treatment Options

If you are concerned about a drug addicted family member, or you simply recognize the fact that it is better to have some support as you battle drug addiction, then family treatment is usually the next step. When thinking about what methods of drug addiction treatment are available for families, the following solutions should come to mind:


The first step towards getting a drug addict to overcome their illness is to get him or her to start fighting back. Interventions can be powerful tools in this regard, because they show the addict not only how they are hurting themselves, but also how they are affecting the people that they care about.

Family Therapy

Family therapy is very similar to self-empowerment programs in that they are designed to help the addict develop new behaviors to help him or her actively combat addiction. The difference lies in the fact that unlike self-empowerment, family therapy includes the guidance of family members, and often a supporting professional.

Getting Professional Help

Most forms of professional drug addiction treatment blend the benefits of family and self-treatment options, while adding benefits that can only be offered by professionals. As such, when wondering what methods of drug addiction treatment are available, you should consider the following to be the best:

Outpatient Rehab

This drug addiction treatment option combines strategies to help you learn how to live a drug free lifestyle, while including medical services that mitigate addiction both physically and mentally. With this type of treatment, you would leave the facility every day.

Inpatient Rehab

As with outpatient rehab, inpatient rehab combines medical treatments with educational therapy. However, with inpatient rehab, you remain at the facility for the duration of the treatment. This allows the medical professionals to more effectively treat you, while protecting you from exposure to drugs while you are still being treated. This benefit makes inpatient rehab the best drug treatment solution available.

You need to get the help that you need and deserve

Do not settle for any lesser drug treatment options. You need the best possible treatment in order to make sure that you are able to defeat your drug addiction for good. To learn more, contact us as soon as possible.