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What is Crack?

Crack Addiction Recovery

Our rehab uses specific methods to aid in Crack addiction recovery. Since we tailor our treatments to the individual, these methods become highly effective. It’s better you give us a call to understand our process for Crack, but rest assured we have treated quite a lot of crack addictions and have an amazing success rate with just crack patients. 

crack addiction recovery
Crack Facts

Did you know that crack and cocaine are fundamentally the same? Cocaine generally is in a salt form known as cocaine hydrochloride.  It is usually mixed with baking soda or other substances to make the amount of cocaine being sold seem greater.  Cocaine is also often mixed with methamphetamine.

Crack is a freebase cocaine you can smoke (cocaine cannot be smoked because the melting point is too high).

The effects of crack and cocaine are similar but vary in intensity.  Crack hits you harder and faster than cocaine, but lasts a much shorter time.

The Dangers

Due to the fast acting effects of crack, it is easy to overdose while using it.  Another thing to consider is that cocaine and crack have the same side effects.  But as crack is a more intense version of cocaine, so are its side effects.

High blood pressure, increased heart rate, rapid breathing, nausea, reduced appetite and sleep, convulsions and heart attacks are some of the side effects of cocaine, and your risk suffering from those are increased when using crack.

Once the short high is over when using crack, most people fall into a depression that could influence how quickly they use again.  And the more you use both crack and cocaine, the more at risk you are of suffering from psychosis, hallucinations and extreme irritability.  And due to the fact that crack is usually mixed with other drugs and chemicals, you don’t know what other harmful affects you could face while smoking it.


Crack is highly addictive and is an even worse, condensed version of cocaine.  Trying to limit your use of cocaine or crack won’t save you from the side effects if you continue using.  Even doing cocaine once can kill you.

The best way to save yourself and your loved ones some trouble and worry is to completely kick the habit.  As many of our patients who sought out our private inpatient rehab near Toronto can attest your health and relationships are on the line, and you can receive all the help and support you need if you are motivated enough.