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3 Steps to Alcohol Addiction Treatment

3 Steps to Alcohol Addiction Treatment
Written by Seth Fletcher on March 29, 2016
Last update: March 5, 2024
alcohol addiction treatmentPeople drink for many reasons. For some, it is a way to forget about their problems. For others, it's a way to unwind, relax, and socialize with friends. Still more simply maintain a steady drinking routine out of habit. But you already know that since you're here to read about alcohol addiction treatment.Often, extenuating factors come into play. For instance, people with a mental illness are twice as likely to have a substance abuse problem compared with the rest of the population.But the consequences of having drinking be an integral part of your life is addiction and dependency, no matter what the cause. It can have extremely adverse effects on you and the people around you.The steps can be many or few, depending on your personal situation and recovery method. Here are three basic ones that we have given to our alumni and can help you reassess your goals and get your life back on track.

1. Commit Yourself to Quitting Drinking

First step is commitment. Breaking a dependency simply won't happen unless you are extremely dedicated to it, and actually want to restructure your life. This may mean making sacrifices, and big life decisions, like checking into a private rehab centre.Whatever the cost, you must be dedicated to your goal of alcohol addiction treatment.

2. Set New Goals

One you commit yourself to changing your life, it's time to make realistic goals for yourself and prepare for change as much as possible. No matter if you decide to commit yourself to inpatient or outpatient alcohol rehab centres or not, some sort of alcohol addiction treatment is completely necessary.You need someone to keep you accountable and celebrate with you when you meet your goals. Find a "sponsor" who can be friend, family or relative who can take be with you during these moments.

3. Get Sober As The Important Step to Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Once you have a serious plan, it's time to start it right by detoxing. Alcohol detox will not be pleasant -- the symptoms of withdrawal include sweating, headache, shaking, nausea, trouble sleeping and concentrating, among others.It is important to do this step safely -- consult an inpatient facility or a doctor for special care. Remember, detox can only clean you for now. What you do after is what matters the most. Either you try to abstain from alcohol by yourself, or check into an alcohol rehab but that next step is important to keep you from going back to alcohol.Substance abuse is no joke -- 47,000 Canadian deaths are linked to it annually, and it has cost the Canadian health care system $8 billion. Help yourself and respect your loved ones around you by dedicating your time to alcohol treatment and getting your life back.
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Seth brings many years of professional experience working the front lines of addiction in both the government and privatized sectors.

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