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Types of Drug Addiction Treatments That Work

Types of Drug Addiction Treatments That Work
Written by Seth Fletcher on December 19, 2016
Last update: February 26, 2024
types of drug addiction treatmentsThere are many types of drug addiction treatments to consider when seeking help. Recovery isn't a straight shot and no one's path to sobriety is the same.
Researching the types of drug addiction treatments makes the process less scary. It lets you know what to expect, but it also helps you decide what you need.When you are familiar with different types of treatment programs, you can tailor your approach with a professional and guarantee better results.A drug addict must be active in their recovery, not merely a passive observer.Drug addiction therapies aren't limited to money; there are both public and private types of drug treatment programs in Canada that make sure every struggling addict has access to rehab.Read on to learn about the drug addiction treatment methods and figure out how to treat drug addiction for you or a loved one.

Short-term Residential Drug Addiction Rehab

The baseline stay at most drug rehabs is 30 days, though some are as short as 28 days. These programs consist of three to six weeks of inpatient drug addiction therapies. Most of them are operated by a 12-step method to addiction recovery.People who participate in short-term types of drug addiction treatment continue their rehab on their own with a support group and private therapist. The risk of relapse is much higher for people who attend a short-term program. The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports 40 to 60 percent of addicts will relapse after a treatment plan.Even though the short duration of stay is appealing to addicts, short-term rehabs with 12-step treatment approaches to addiction recovery require longer periods of outpatient therapy.

Long-term Residential Drug Addiction Rehab

Long-term types of drug addiction treatments range from four to six months. These types of recoveries offer 24-hour care in a non-hospital setting. These programs offer more treatment approaches than short-term generalized 12-step drug addiction treatment methods.There are many different types of drug addiction therapies in private, long-term rehab facilities. Apart from individual and group therapy, some facilities offer family therapy and even recovery-oriented challenge therapy that combines addiction treatment with activities like hiking, rock climbing, horse therapy and skill-building and spiritually healing activities.Most long-term facilities also encourage fitness, creative therapy approaches and emotional recovery along with physically overcoming drug addiction. There is a bit more freedom of choice when it comes to the types of treatment programs with long-term rehabs. 

How much does it cost?

Some types of drug addiction treatment are very expensive. Some facilities may charge up to $25,000 for a 30-day stay. We don't charge that much for 30 days though.Most people can't afford to pay this much for treatment, so qualified private rehabs offer financing options to make drug addiction therapies accessible and affordable to anyone who needs help.The best way to find out how much different types of drug addiction treatments cost is to make a list of different rehabs in your province and call them. It costs nothing and there is no obligation to sign up.

How to Treat Drug Addiction Successfully

The answer of how to treat drug addiction doesn't exist since every addict is different. While some addicts can quit "cold turkey," the best way to guarantee you beat addiction for good is to seek professional help.Public, private and one-on-one drug addiction treatment methods all offer different advantages and setbacks, so it's important to explore all your options.The most important thing is to choose an approach that makes you feel comfortable and confident about your recovery.
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