Port Hope Rehab Centre – The Canadian Centre for Addictions

CCFA’s Port Hope Rehab Centre is a luxury addiction treatment Centre in Port Hope,
Ontario, offering 5-star drug and alcohol addiction treatment services.

Port Hope Rehab Centre – The Canadian Centre for Addictions
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Port Hope is well-known for its serene 19th-century homes and excellent fishing. Located along the shore of Lake Ontario and the Northumberland Hills, the municipality of Port Hope has beautiful natural spaces and a serene but vibrant atmosphere.

Away from the bustle and stresses of the city, a Port Hope, Ontario rehab facility offers an ideal environment to recover from addiction and regain your sense of balance, peace, and well-being.

Explore Our 5-Star Port Hope Rehab Centre

CCFA’s Port Hope addiction treatment centre is a tranquil 1874 Victorian mansion set atop a peaceful hill amid 4.2 wooded acres in Port Hope, Ontario. Behind our private white gates, you’ll find a place set up to help you disconnect from your addiction and reconnect with your spiritual self and your sense of purpose.
With exquisite French Beaux-Arts style architecture, our Port Hope rehab facility offers an excellent standard of addiction treatment services without the clinical atmosphere you’ll find in a typical rehab. Our safe, private, and contained setting facilitates a recovery experience you’ll find nowhere else.

Amenities Available at the Port Hope Addiction Treatment Centre

  • Nine bedrooms
    Our centre has nine spacious bedrooms designed to give our inpatients a comfortable recovery experience.
  • Fitness Room
    Our well-equipped fitness room allows guests to work out and keep fit as they take the path to complete sobriety.
  • Sauna
    Our sauna allows our clients to relax, de-stress, and relieve stiffness after the day’s activities.
  • Comfortable common areas
    Our Port Hope rehab centre offers comfortable common areas where clients can unwind and interact at the end of the day.
  • Private and semi-private rooms
    We have private and semi-private rooms that allow our clients to select whether they want to stay alone or share their space with someone.
  • Homemade food by our gourmet chef
    Proper nutrition is vital to addiction recovery. Our Port Hope centre employs first-rate chefs who use the freshest ingredients to prepare healthy and delicious meals. We also accommodate special dietary needs on request.
  • 15 washrooms
    We take hygiene seriously, and our 15 washrooms are always well-kept and tidy.
  • Art Therapy
    Art therapy explores the therapeutic power of art as a tool to help recovering addicts explore their emotions and experiences in a healthy way.
  • Pool
    Clients can also keep fit and unwind after their activities by jumping into our large-sized pool.
  • 13 Fireplaces
    CCFA Port Hope’s 13 fireplaces contribute to a welcoming, antique atmosphere.
  • Spacious dining room area
    We have a spacious dining room area where clients can interact as they enjoy well-prepared nutritious gourmet meals.
  • Great view overlooking Lake Ontario
    Some of our rooms have a superb view overlooking Lake Ontario, perfect for reflection and recovery.
  • Walking Trails
    Our beautiful walking trails allow recovering addicts to build their physical and mental health while taking their minds away from the pull of addictive substances.
  • Yoga and Mindfulness
    Yoga, mindfulness, and other similar meditative practices help improve attention and awareness. They allow recovering addicts to become conscious and mindful of behavioral patterns that fuel substance use and addiction, making them better equipped to react to triggers and cravings.


CCFA’s rehab facility in Port Hope offers a peaceful environment surrounded by gardens and fresh air. Our rooms are equipped with a fireplace, jacuzzi tub, private deck, and a lake view that primes clients for healing and recovery.


Where is Our Port Hope Addiction Treatment Centre

  • 175 Dorset St West Port Hope, ON L1A 1G4

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