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Having a loved one that consistently refuses help and support for their addiction can leave families and friends feeling frustrated and helpless. There is hope! CCFA Interventions are conducted from a place of love, compassion and respect and will facilitate the best environment for your resistant loved one to make the positive behaviour change that will improve their life.

CCFA Interventions are 85% Effective

Accountability is the hardest thing to manage in addictive behavior. Addicts are usually convinced that they’re in control and that their substance abuse is not really a problem. Our counsellors are trained caregivers and coordinators who can help your family soften the blow.

CCFA Addiction Interventions: They are NOT Meant to Be Confrontational

When done correctly, addiction intervention is a simple but highly effective process. When you work with a Toronto drug rehab centre like CCFA, you’ll have a specialist to help your loved one meet their addiction problems head-on. We work with family, friends and/or co-workers prior to the event to form an intervention team so we can educate everyone on the disease of addiction and to rehearse scenarios. This is not about tough love, it’s about bringing the substance use disorder to light.

With our professional assistance, your family and our interventionalist will create a premise for the formal intervention and help guide the addicted person into choosing a stay at our rehab facility.

We create a safe environment that makes this a compassionate experience for the affected person and it motivates them to seek recovery.

Why it’s Essential that You Seek
‘Experienced Help’ for the Intervention

Success happens when the entire family practices compassion

Dealing with a loved one who engages in addictive behavior often creates emotionally charged situations. Therefore, having experienced and trained counsellors in the room ensures we stay focused on the end goal, which is treatment, and hope for the individual and their loved ones.

Recovery is Possible!

Having a family member who is dealing with addiction or alcoholism is one of the most trying hardships you can take on, but addiction and alcoholism are treatable, and recovery is possible. Our Toronto alcohol rehab centre offers the recovery for a healthy, drug- and alcohol-free lifestyle.

Help is just one phone call away. Contact us today to get a free no-obligation assessment of your family’s situation.

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