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Am I Addicted To Weed? Take The Test

Written by Seth Fletcher on January 9, 2015
Last update: February 26, 2024

Am I addicted to weed?

Weed addiction is a lot more common than most people think. If you’re concerned about the amount of marijuana you or a loved one is currently smoking, and think there’s a chance there might be an addiction problem, it may be time to answer some tough questions.

The best way to tackle a problem is head-on, and being honest with yourself about your addiction. So if you're asking yourself "am I addicted to weed", then you have arrived at the right website to help you answer that.

Somewhere around 5 to 10 per cent of people who smoke marijuana at some point in their lives will eventually become addicted. This is a dependency that can gradually creep up over time, and before you know it, you’re always thinking about your next smoke, or where to buy more weed.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a simple test you can take to determine if you (or a loved one) have a weed addiction that must be addressed.

addicted to weed

Take The Weed Addiction Test

Here are the questions the above test asks you, if you need it.

The following yes/no questions will help you recognize whether you are addicted to weed or not.

  1. Do you smoke marijuana without needing a specific reason (i.e. fun, social reasons)?
  2. Do you smoke marijuana when you wake up in the morning (wake and bake)?
  3. Is your life structured around your addiction in a way that it seriously affects your behaviour, relationships and opportunities? (For instance, have you been late to work, lost your job, avoid going out or leave parties early because of your weed habit?)
  4. Are you always worrying about where to find more weed?
  5. Do you often smoke alone?
  6. Do you use weed to avoid dealing with emotional issues, life problems or responsibilities?
  7. Have you ever tried to quit smoking weed before?
  8. Has your weed habit ever caused you memory problems, or trouble with your concentration or motivation?
  9. Have your friends or family ever expressed their concern about your weed habit?
  10. Do you ever feel like you have to substitute your habit with other substances, such as alcohol, when you run out?

If more than 6 of your answers were ‘yes’ to the above questions, it is quite likely you have a weed addiction that is affecting your life. The most telltale signs of a weed addiction are:

  • Getting anxious when your supply dwindles
  • Smoking alone
  • Choosing to spend time with those who have a similar habit so it appears more socially acceptable

So, are you addicted to weed?

Just like any addiction, marijuana can start to control your life and often becoming the focal point of social situations. Many of your decisions can start to rely on whether you’ll be able to smoke weed, and this can be very harmful to your personal relationships, as well as your career.

Smoking weed can also affect the way your brain works, making it harder to concentrate or learn new things.


The good news is that with the help of friends, family and professional organizations, you can overcome your weed addiction.

We are one of the top addiction treatment centres. If you're located in Canada, give us a call. International visitors are responsible for their own visa applications should you decide to come to us.

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