Victoria Perez Gonzalez


Dr. Victoria Perez Gonzalez is a highly respected doctor who specializes in the brain and mental health. She has extensive knowledge and experience in this field.

During her tenure as a Research Assistant at the Instituto Nacional de Neurología y Neurocirugia, Dr. Perez contributed to groundbreaking research projects. Notably, her work on the molecular analysis of glioblastoma has provided valuable insights into the genetic and molecular landscape of this severe brain cancer, highlighting potential avenues for new treatments.

As a Medical Officer at the Autonomous University of Juárez in Tabasco, Dr. Perez gained extensive experience in patient care and a deep understanding of the complexities of neurological situations. Her clinical practice focused on holistic patient control, integrating medical, mental, and social components to promote general well-being.

Dr. Perez is dedicated to stopping and mitigating the headaches related to neurological illnesses. She conducts holistic meetings and consultations, aiming to enhance the best of life for her sufferers through comprehensive care techniques that cope with the entire spectrum of patient needs.

She continues to innovate and advocate for better understanding and treatment of neurological disorders.

Educational Background


  • Diplomado de Neuroanatomia Funcional con Orientación Clínica
  • Curso de Metodología de la Investigación en Médica Sur


Molecular Analysis of Glioblastoma (July 2019 – March 2021)

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