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15 Oct
The Scoop On Animal-Assisted Addiction Therapy Animals enhance our lives in so many ways. They are loyal companions who show unconditional love and empathy, who ask only for love and affection in return for all that they do for us. Animal lovers are well aware of the countless benefits of having a pet, including the uplifting effects they have on emotional well-being. Research studies indicate that spending as little as 30 minutes a week with an [...]
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10 Oct
Wait Time Challenges: How To Cope While You Wait For A Rehab Spot When an addict is ready to take a step towards recovery, it is important that they act fast, as that thought can be changed very quickly. Most addicts have to struggle for a long time before accepting that they need help, so if they are seeking a substance abuse treatment program, the faster they can get into that program, the more likely it will be that they actually attend. The [...]
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09 Oct
Nutrition and Exercise: Your Defense Against Addiction It took 80 friends and acquaintances to die from addiction for athlete and polydrug addict Dominic Scalzo to change his life. His substance use disorder began innocently enough. His alcohol indoctrination started in college, before a foot injury got him hooked on prescription painkillers. He then progressed to crack and cocaine while joining a rough New York crowd. He got arrested and thrown out of school. Despite going to inpatient [...]
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26 Sep
Naloxone: Is It Really A Wonder Drug? For many New Jersey residents, June 18 was a historic day. Samantha Newton appreciated its importance. She left the house early that morning to line up for a one-time freebie. She had to do this because supplies might run out. This giveaway was not from a holiday sale or mall opening, but a matter of life and death. The queue was for naloxone, the antidote for opioid poisoning—offered [...]
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20 Sep
The Price Of Luck: Examining The Draw Of Pathological Gambling There was a man in England who was so frustrated with his life that he cashed in everything he owned for £70,000, bought a one-way ticket to Las Vegas, and bet all of his money on one colour in roulette. He won, and it changed his life for the better. On the flip side, Justyn Rees Larcombe, a former major in the British army, lost an almost perfect life [...]
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16 Sep
The Evolution Of Addiction And Rehab Addiction: A Historical Perspective Alcohol and Drug Addiction Drug and alcohol use dates back thousands of years.  In 3000 BC, as ancient farmers discovered the intoxicating powers of certain crops, they also created other products from those crops.  Barley was used to make beer, which was widely consumed.  Around the same time, opiates were being cultivated from opium poppy seeds, and used largely among the aristocracy.  [...]
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11 Sep
Helping Those Who Resist Help: Do Interventions Work? I still remember two different times when people point blankly asked me about my drinking. One was my Mom many many years before I became sober. And one was my sister, after walking in on me and my ex in mid violent fight. There were also a few other times in my life where people reached out, thinking things might be wrong, but not wanting to bring it up. By [...]
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29 Aug
When Marijuana Becomes Medicine: Are Its Users At Risk Of Becoming Addicted? I can’t sleep, I get irritable, I have anxiety. I get these zaps in my fingers, and my head can’t stop craving cannabis. I can’t function.” These are the complaints of a medical marijuana user to addiction psychiatrist Dr. Timothy Fong. His patient “couldn’t get seven days off without going back to using again.” And yet, despite many cries for help like these, advocates and detractors [...]
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26 Aug
Addicts In Captivity: Are Prisons Doing Enough To Help Prisoners With Addictions? Are prisons doing enough to help prisoners with addictions? This is a topic that can fuel an argument. There are some who may say a person should be able to overcome their drug or alcohol abuse when they’re sent to prison. As soon as they’re incarcerated, they can’t use drugs anyway! There are some who think, do they deserve help? They’re the ones choosing to use [...]
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22 Aug
Addiction During Pregnancy: What It Means For Mother And Baby Addiction During Pregnancy: An Overview People with substance use disorders suffer from the stigma of being addicts. Because of societal stereotypes, woman are stigmatized far more than are men. With pregnancy added to the mix, the pressure can be immeasurable. It intensifies the effects of the stigmatization on the physical and mental health of the mother, and this affects the well-being of the fetus. It can also mean that the [...]
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