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Various Cocaine Addiction Treatment Methods That Help

Cocaine addiction is a problem that millions of people struggle with everyday. Not only does this addiction effect the body, it also causes psychological problems, family problems, and social problems. A person with a cocaine addiction has a much higher chance of breaking the law, being sexually promiscuous, and cutting ties with family and friends who do not use.

Suffice to say, upon realization of the havoc it causes in ones life, they want to know how to stop using cocaine. Here we list the usual methods on how recovery from cocaine can be achieved.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment Methods That Work

The best thing that an addict can do is get treatment for their addiction by allowing our drug rehab in ontario to work their magic, before they do something that can negatively effect their life permanently. Luckily, there are cocaine addiction treatment methods that can help.

Pharmacological Methods

At this time (Feb 2019), there is no FDA approved medication that can treat cocaine addiction.

There are however, several medications that are used for treating other conditions that have been reported to reduce cocaine use when tested in clinical trials:

  • Vigabartin
  • Modafinil
  • Topiramate
  • Disulifiram (best results shown)

The above 4 and a few others have been tested. Disulifiram is the same medication which is used to treat alcoholism. As we speak, doctors are also working to create a vaccine which will prevent the entry of cocaine into the brain.

If this vaccine makes it through the developmental and the approval stages, relapsing will be a thing of the past.

Behavioural Treatments

There are a variety of different facilities which work in different ways to change an addict’s behaviour, in hopes of beginning recovery, and preventing relapse.

Community based recovery programs:

There are several groups, such as the free Narcotics Anonymous and Cocaine Anonymous which help addicts, using a 12-step program.

These programs offer meetings where addicts encourage each other to avoid cocaine and other drug use. At these meetings, addicts will also share their experiences and problems.

Therapeutic Communities

One very effective method of cocaine addiction treatment is a residential program. When an addict enters a residential program, they will usually commit to a six or twelve month stay.

This is enough time for addict’s to make it through the program’s entirety. They would start out in a rehab facility (such as our drug rehab), where they would receive individual therapy, group therapy, and in some cases health, wellness, and spiritual therapy.

The main focus at each of these meeting is to teach addict’s how to cope with life without cocaine.

After the addict has made it through the rehab portion of their treatment, they would ideally go live in a sober house, or a halfway house. It is at one of these places where addicts learn how to live in society drug free.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

This is a very effective cocaine addiction treatment method which prevents relapse. Often times, this type of therapy can be used with other forms of treatment.

The approach of this treatment tries to help the patients avoid, recognize, and cope with situations where they would normally turn to cocaine.

Cocaine addiction is a very serious problem. If you know anyone dealing with cocaine addiction, call us and we’ll help you get started with recovery right away.