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21 Nov
How To Get Help For Addictions If You Can’t Afford Rehab
Canadian Centre For Addictions The decision to seek help to combat your substance abuse can be a very personal, difficult one to make. Once that decision is made, it can be very tempting to back out, especially when the actual process of getting into a treatment program isn’t very easy. Not only are there waitlists and various obstacles that may stand in your way (such as legal issues and [...]
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20 Nov
How Teachers Can Help Kids Who Do Not Have Parental Support
Addiction Among Youth and Their Families – An Ongoing Concern Raising awareness about addiction through media campaigns has increased understanding and saved lives.  Society learned the impact of driving while intoxicated, and the stigma associated with that behaviour resulted in more people intervening with a friend about to drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and fewer fatalities.    In spite of all of the research conducted and [...]
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18 Nov
Legalized Weed: Are Impaired Driving Laws Keeping Up?
In Canada, marijuana has officially been legalized for adult recreational use for just over one year at the federal level. Meanwhile, in the United States, weed has been legalized for adult recreational use in 11 states, as well as the District of Columbia, the Northern Mariana Islands and Guam. And while large swaths of North America have rejoiced as the once prohibited drug has become legalized in large pockets of [...]
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15 Nov
Is Wine Mom Culture Real, And Is It A Problem?
Women have been drinking in increasing numbers over the past few decades, often times using motherhood as the excuse. When looking at the media you can see why drinking has been on the rise among women, as much of the advertising for booze has been aimed at women. Not only do you see advertisements directed specifically towards women, there are also a lot of pop-culture references that make drinking as [...]
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14 Nov
Addiction In The Elderly Population
Substance abuse and drug and alcohol addiction were, for a long time, considered “younger people” issues, due to the high rates of substance use disorders in young adults. Because of this, there are some misconceptions about addiction within the elderly population. Substance abuse and addiction among seniors is often overlooked due to limited research data and insufficient knowledge about just how much substance abuse affects the older population. However, substance [...]
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13 Nov
The Risk Of Addiction, Suicide And PTSD In The Military
My head is filled with garbage—all these images, sounds, smells I can’t cut out. It’s like there’s another skin beneath this skin and I can’t shed it. I’m not like you. You have one vision of life. I have two. My ‘other’ life must not interfere with the one that’s safe and good. It must not become so overwhelming, it will make me [...]
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11 Nov
The Forgotten Victims of War: How Veterans with Addiction Fall Through the Cracks
It’s no secret that war and military service take a significant toll on veterans across the world. Canadians veterans are, of course, included in this group. From post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to major depression and other psychological conditions, many soldiers have difficulty coming to grips with the harsh realities they see and experience as a result of combat exposure. Because of the severe conditions in which they operate, many [...]
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08 Nov
First Response: Keeping An Overdose Victim Alive Until Help Arrives
With substance use and addiction at epidemic levels and the opioid crisis a hot topic of debate, one of the greatest fears held by family members of drug users is that their loved one will be the next overdose death. Last year, from January to September, 3,286 overdose victims lost their lives to apparent opioid overdoses. The stigma is high, but many of these drug users became addicts as [...]
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07 Nov
The Curse Of The Child Star: How Being Too Famous Too Soon Can Lead To Addiction
Drew Barrymore in E.T. The Extraterrestrial Demi Lovato. Mary-Kate Olsen. Lindsay Lohan. Robert Downey Jr. Drew Barrymore. All of these stars have two things in common: they rose to fame as children and they have had addiction issues. You do not have to go far to find a child celebrity who has struggled with substance abuse. In fact, a lot of celebrities who became famous at a very young [...]
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06 Nov
When Helpers Need Help: Addiction In The Health Care Professions
Addiction does not discriminate among race, gender, ethnic background, disability, man, woman, or occupation. Everyone is human, and everyone can fall victim to the intoxicating effects of addiction. Addiction among healthcare professionals (HCPs) is no different. According to the Journal of Clinical Nursing, approximately 20 percent of nurses struggle with a drug or alcohol dependency. Additionally, it is believed that approximately 1 in 10 physicians will succumb to the same [...]
Addiction, Drug Abuse & Drug Addiction, Employee Wellness, Mental Illness, Opioid Addiction, Prescription Drug Addiction, Prescription Drugs, Substance Abuse Read More

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