Sober in the 6IX: Recovery Day in Toronto - Third Year In A Row | CCFASober in the 6IX: Recovery Day in Toronto - Third Year In A Row | CCFA
12 Oct
Sober in the 6IX: Recovery Day in Toronto – Third Year In A Row

For the third consecutive year the Canadian Centre For Addictions participated in Recovery Day Toronto.  With the resounding impact that this event has had, organizers moved the event to David Pecaut Square, right beside Roy Thompson Hall to allow for easier walk-up access in the city’s downtown core.

It was incredible to network with addictions professionals from all over the province who turned up to raise awareness about the very real possibilities of recovery and to share stories of success in the battles against addictions. The walk-up crowd was phenomenal, ranging from those who wanted to ask questions and find out more about addiction and mental health, to those who wanted to connect with resources to find help for themselves or their loved ones.

Hearing the inspiring and moving testimony on the main stage as people shared their stories of recovery and led to celebration as Canadian band Econoline Crush entertained the masses with their distinctive industrial rock sound.

For me personally, the highlight of the day was running into many former clients of CCFA, touching base and hearing about their triumphs and their continued sobriety.  To be able to witness a person’s transition from hopeless to hopeful and to then hear about how their lives and their family’s lives had changed for the better was both heartwarming and rewarding.

CCFA will continue to participate in this ever growing and important event and will continue to share the message that real recovery is possible!


Seth Fletcher

Seth Fletcher is a Certified Addictions Counsellor with the Canadian Centre for Addictions. He has over 15 years of experience in the Addiction Treatment industry. He also assists in the admissions department. You may recognize him from a multitude of media appearances he has made over the years.

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