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Recovery Day – A Fabulous Event For the Second Year

Recovery Day – A Fabulous Event For the Second Year
Written by Seth Fletcher on October 12, 2016
Last update: May 15, 2024

recovery-day-2016-ccfa-5For the second consecutive year, the Canadian Centre For Addiction (CCFA) donned the Silver Ribbon and gathered at Mel Lastman Square in Toronto to celebrate National Recovery Month.

Darren, Seth and Abraham, attended the event held on the 18th of September representing the CCFA.

With over 30 Canadian cities designating a day in September to celebrate Addiction Recovery, the event continues to grow and raise awareness of the real possibilities of successful addiction recovery.  

recovery-day-2016-ccfa-3The participation was outstanding as the large crowds and a great number of organizations gathered to share their experiences, and to promote an environment of acceptance and learning. CCFA was privileged to meet so many individuals and families who were looking to tell their recovery stories as well as those who were looking to gather information about how to access professional addiction help services.  

The warm, sunny weather coupled with the live music performed on the main stage definitely contributed to the energetic vibe of celebration and acceptance for all those who attended. Handing out T-Shirts and meeting new people was such an amazing experience.  CCFA was particularly delighted to have a few old friends and their families surprise us at our information booth. 

“Your place saved my life”

recovery-day-2016-ccfa-4Hearing CCFA Alumni Members share their Recovery successes definitely was the highlight of the afternoon for all CCFA staff at the event and it served as a very real reminder that the program delivered in our Centre is making a very positive difference in people’s lives. 

Seth spoke with one such former resident who wanted to stop by, touch base and let us know that she is continuing to lead a life of successful recovery and that she has never been happier. “Your place saved my life” the young woman said to Seth as her Mother nodded her head in agreement behind her. Seth made sure the young woman knew that her success was the result of her own hard work and dedication applying CCFA’s program in her life.

Seth, Darren and Abraham came away from that conversation inspired, knowing that the CCFA program is working to help people put their lives back together from the ravages of addiction. 


A great Recovery Day in Toronto as CCFA looks forward to continuing the fight to eliminate the stigma that surrounds addiction and to provide families and their loved ones the help and guidance needed in their journeys towards the serenity of authentic recovery.

Certified Addiction Counsellor

Seth brings many years of professional experience working the front lines of addiction in both the government and privatized sectors.

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