Public Rehabs vs Private Rehabs | What Do I Do?

Public Rehabs vs Private Rehabs | What Do I Do?

public rehabs vs private rehabsOne of Canada's greatest features is its free healthcare. But having such a generous government means that there are often problems with accessibility. And having such an option brings you to ask which one should you go for? Public rehabs vs private rehabs?

If you need to go to a hospital, you can do that with relative ease. Getting into a residential public rehab centre is a different story.

People who suffer from alcohol and drug addictions may not have the money to afford an independent facility, so they turn to the public rehabs. The problem with that is that the waitlists are usually quite long and the programs are one-size-fits-all.In many public Canadian rehab facilities, waitlists range from three to six months. Addicts don't have half a year to waste on the prospect of help.There is always outpatient therapy, but this type of treatment takes much longer. It's also geared for people who are not deeply addicted. In order to truly kick an addiction in its teeth, inpatient rehab is the best tactic.

Public Rehabs in Canada - Are They Helpful?

Outpatient and medical treatment for addiction is free in Canada, and in-patient treatment at a public rehab costs nothing. For those who don't have a lot of money, government-funded rehabs are a blessing.

Public rehabs are great because they are practically everywhere and there are many inclusive medical services and resources included in treatment. However, there are also setbacks.Cookie-cutter programs, wait lists, limited amount of therapies, bland approaches - all these have a very low success rate.There is also no immediate outside aftercare provided after a government rehab program, which typically lasts 30 to 60 days. Aftercare is the most important ingredient for successful recovery. There are those usual unmonitored community group programs. And while they're helpful, you need more.

Private Rehabs - Are They The Solution?

Run independently from the government, private alcohol and drug rehabs in Canada are more expensive because they must pay for all of their own facilities, staff and resources.

Private therapy in residential treatment can cost anywhere from $300 to $700 a day. A personal therapist can cost up to $200 an hour.The major difference between a public and independent residential rehab is the admissions. While it can take months for a spot to open in a public rehab, independent alcohol clinics will usually only take a few days to few weeks at the most. Most times you can go in same day!Staff is highly experienced and qualified, but independent rehabs also have additional programs and therapy for clients.Since we don't know much about other private rehabs, let's talk about ours so you get an idea:Most private rehabs don't want to address alcoholism as strictly medical; they also evaluate the emotional and mental cause and effects of the addiction. Believe it or not, knowing the roots have bearing on the type of recovery you will most likely respond to.This means activities like art therapy, behavioural therapy, yoga, etc are often a big part of treatment apart from regular counselling.These clinics have residential treatment programs in beautiful nature settings that last anywhere from 30 to 90 days. The point is not to isolate yourself but instead stay somewhere free of distractions so your recovery can always be top priority.The luxury in most cases is quite beneficial. Think about it:

Where do you most prefer to be when undergoing any type of treatment? Strapped to a height adjustable bed with tons of sensors around you, or a room that reminds you of a Four Seasons?

Another major advantage of independent rehabs is their individualized treatment plans. While public rehabs try to help each person, the large number of patients means a more standardized approach is necessary.

At an independent residential rehab clinic, there is not just "12-step method" to treatment. Your detox and recovery is tailor-made to suit your unique struggles and needs. So it is a customized, individualized treatment.

Public Rehabs vs Private Rehabs - Finding the Right Rehab for You

The type of rehab you choose will depend on your needs and abilities. Do your research and investigate financial aid for private rehab; most offer plans for patients and include unlimited aftercare for no additional cost.

For example, while we here at the Canadian Centre for Addictions can accept payment from you directly... we are also partnered with companies like Medicare. They provide third party financing based on credit.Whichever rehab you choose, know that you are making the right choice. Seeking help for an addiction isn't a confession of failure but a show of strength and bravery.
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