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29 May
Advocating for Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace
Karman Sandhu & Seth Fletcher

To highlight the New Workplace, The Workplace Safety & Prevention Services had it’s Partners in Prevention Conference & Trade Show on May 2 and 3rd at the International Centre in Mississauga.

The purpose of this show was to communicate and bring awareness of any health or safety concerns that employers and employees face on a daily basis at work. With new Cannabis legislation expected in Canada, employers want to ensure that the ever-evolving Canadian workplace continues to be a safe and supportive one.

The Canadian Centre For Addictions (CCFA), along with Steven Page, co-founder of The Barenaked Ladies felt that this was a prime opportunity to open dialogue with employees and employers from across Canada to advocate for improved mental health awareness in the workplace and to help decrease the existing stigma surrounding it.

Steven Page with CCFA’s Seth Fletcher

Mental Health conditions continue to be one of the most prevalent underlying issues that lead to addiction.  In order to promote good mental health, we first have talk about it.  Sharing experiences, providing real education, and encouraging people to seek help with regards to mental health and addiction is paramount.  

Without first identifying that declining mental health or conditions exist, a person will often look for any form of temporary relief that they can find. Unfortunately, the very temporary relief that substances may provide quickly turn into abuse and begin to have further negative impacts on a person’s life.

Seeking help includes the development of healthier coping strategies and tools to more effectively manage mental health and to present a more substantial foundation that will improve a person’s decision making, health and overall well being.  Professional resources are available to help, especially for executives that can make or break a workplace’s success.

Seth Fletcher

Seth Fletcher is a Certified Addictions Counsellor with the Canadian Centre for Addictions. He has over 15 years of experience in the Addiction Treatment industry. He also assists in the admissions department. You may recognize him from a multitude of media appearances he has made over the years.

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