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01 Sep
Educator’s Guide To Substance Abuse Education Drug education in the classroom can be a very important protective factor when it comes to helping youth make healthy decisions when it comes to substance related decisions.  For teachers, this requires honest and factual dialogue for this education to be effective.  The environment that the teachers create must be supportive.  Having an environment that youth can feel comfortable expressing themselves in can increase information preservation.In the classroom setting, [...]
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25 May
7 Signs of Substance Abuse in the Workplace For many people, the casual use of certain substances, like alcohol or drugs, becomes a serious problem because of one thing -- denial. The refusal to acknowledge a chemical dependency can lead to reckless abuse, the effects of which spill over into the other areas of a user's life. Most notably, their relationships and jobs. Substance abuse in the workplace is quite commonplace, and rampant but if it cannot be seen, [...]
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12 Apr
Canada’s Shocking War on Drugs: An Infographic By now you've read plenty of our drug fact articles where we talk about how 47,000 Canadians die every year as a result of drug addiction, etc.With the onslaught of drugs like Fentanyl creating crisis in Alberta, or the new drug called W-18 that's 100 times stronger than Fentanyl hitting the shores of British Columbia - the problem of addiction doesn't seem to stop growing.We end up wanting [...]
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01 May
Substance Abuse Affects Your Family- Take Back Control Drug abuse can seem like a good escape from the stress of everyday life, but there are many consequences to abusing drugs that are sometimes looked over. Substance abuse can have many horrible effects on your loved ones and can ruin your relationships with them. Here are 5 ways substance abuse can affect you and your family and why you should seek treatment. The Effect Substance Abuse Has On Children [...]
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05 Apr
Dealing With Substance Abuse and Mental Health Substance abuse issues and mental health disorders often go hand in hand. When a person with a diagnosed mental disorder is also diagnosed with addiction, it is known as a co-occurring disorder. How Do I Know If I Have A Co-Occurring Disorder? Determining whether or not you have a substance abuse and mental health disorder isn’t always easy. Sometimes substance abuse is a way to mask or self-medicate mental [...]
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