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15 Oct
The Scoop On Animal-Assisted Addiction Therapy Animals enhance our lives in so many ways. They are loyal companions who show unconditional love and empathy, who ask only for love and affection in return for all that they do for us. Animal lovers are well aware of the countless benefits of having a pet, including the uplifting effects they have on emotional well-being. Research studies indicate that spending as little as 30 minutes a week with an [...]
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10 Oct
Wait Time Challenges: How To Cope While You Wait For A Rehab Spot When an addict is ready to take a step towards recovery, it is important that they act fast, as that thought can be changed very quickly. Most addicts have to struggle for a long time before accepting that they need help, so if they are seeking a substance abuse treatment program, the faster they can get into that program, the more likely it will be that they actually attend. The [...]
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26 Aug
Addicts In Captivity: Are Prisons Doing Enough To Help Prisoners With Addictions? Are prisons doing enough to help prisoners with addictions? This is a topic that can fuel an argument. There are some who may say a person should be able to overcome their drug or alcohol abuse when they’re sent to prison. As soon as they’re incarcerated, they can’t use drugs anyway! There are some who think, do they deserve help? They’re the ones choosing to use [...]
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07 Aug
The Pros and Cons of Inpatient and Outpatient Rehab Giving up drugs or alcohol is rarely a simple matter of choice. Many people who are struggling with habitual substance abuse are also dependant on the substance they are using. This means that their bodies or their minds – frequently, both – have become so accustomed to the substance that it has become a necessary means of survival. Once they have reached this point of tolerance, even the most well-intentioned and determined [...]
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25 May
7 Signs of Substance Abuse in the Workplace For many people, the casual use of certain substances, like alcohol or drugs, becomes a serious problem because of one thing -- denial. The refusal to acknowledge a chemical dependency can lead to reckless abuse, the effects of which spill over into the other areas of a user's life. Most notably, their relationships and jobs. Substance abuse in the workplace is quite commonplace, and rampant but if it cannot be seen, [...]
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05 Apr
Dealing With Substance Abuse and Mental Health Substance abuse issues and mental health disorders often go hand in hand. When a person with a diagnosed mental disorder is also diagnosed with addiction, it is known as a co-occurring disorder. How Do I Know If I Have A Co-Occurring Disorder? Determining whether or not you have a substance abuse and mental health disorder isn’t always easy. Sometimes substance abuse is a way to mask or self-medicate mental [...]
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10 Mar
Helping an Addict Accept Their Substance Abuse & Seek Treatment Psychoactive substances are the source of drug and alcohol abuse. They change a person’s response to the world by altering brain mechanisms that normally regulate functions of mood, thought, and motivation. Psychoactive substances cause substantial changes in cerebral neurotransmitters, transforming the brain’s normal chemistry affecting cognitive-response. Behaviorally and psychologically, addicts maintain ongoing substance use despite significant problems stemming from abuse and dependence. Treatment revolves around helping the addict [...]
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15 Feb
What Methods Of Drug Addiction Treatment Are Available In Toronto? You can overcome a drug addiction. However, doing so begins with getting the right kind of treatment. In Toronto, there are multiple drug treatment options that you have access to. We are going to walk you through what methods of drug addiction treatment are available so that you or your drug addicted family member can start walking the path towards living a drug-free lifestyle. Self-Treatment Options Being able to live [...]
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