Toronto Private Rehab That Frees You From AddictionToronto Private Rehab That Frees You From Addiction

Toronto Private Rehab

Abuse disorders and drug or alcohol addictions can easily destroy people’s lives, as well as those around them. Due to the hold that these substances have over them, addicts often fall into a downward spiral of depression.

When this happens, it can be impossible for addicts to pull themselves out without help. Our Private Toronto Rehab has seen this multiple times and has given private addiction treatment to such individuals suffering from drug addiction or alcohol addiction. These individuals were selective of what private alcohol rehab or private drug rehab they wanted.

In order to guide patients through recovery, into sobriety, and back to realizing the joys of living without the burden of drug or alcohol abuse, we at the Canadian Centre for Addictions offer all-inclusive in-patient treatment programs for both men and women.

After assessing patients’ social, psychological, and even spiritual needs, we will design a customized plan that’s tailored to their individual circumstances.

Our clients come from far cities like Calgary, Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Montreal, Ottawa, and even Regina in addition to most cities of Ontario – so we take into account even their geographical influences. Geographical influences also play a part in shaping an individuals addiction. Be it to one of the many drugs or alcohol. 

Addiction Stigma 

One of the difficulties that arises with seeking out recovery is the embarrassment that may prevent addicts from admitting they have a alcohol or drug problem. Our private rehab facilities can offer confidentiality that will keep their business their own. No information, whether it be personal or related to treatment, will be released without consent.

Another advantage that our facilities offer is the elimination of distractions taking away from recovery. Remaining in a safe, secluded environment will remove any temptation, and allow our professional staff to focus on the abuse problems and, in turn, determine any possible associated behaviour disorders.

This privacy can be exceedingly important for patients who have experienced previous attempts at recovery.


Compared with less intensive or government-run drug abuse facilities, at the Canadian Centre for Addictions patients can choose to have a private room to serve as a safe space and individual personalized care.

toronto private rehab
By working closely with trusted and industry-leading professionals at our toronto private addiction treatment centre, we can help create a relationship with which to dig for any deep-seated or underlying issues that may be influencing this behaviour.

All this is made possible only because we’re private. We charge fees for 30, 45, 60 and 90 days intensive in-patient programs that are strictly geared for addiction recovery.


Overall, many have linked favourable outcomes to inpatient private rehab facilities like our toronto private rehab versus public or government rehab treatment.

By taking the time to focus on these personal matters, patients have the best chance of overcoming their addictions to drugs or alcohol and kicking the habit once and for all. Our programs are developed with relapse prevention in mind because you may not know this but relapses are a very big danger.

Other rehabs do not account for this and so the individual is always at a risk of relapse. Our free lifetime aftercare programs also deserve credit largely for keeping our alumni away from relapses. We have in-person therapy at our Toronto location, but we also do virtual aftercare using the Internet for our out-of-town clients like the ones from the west coast or the U.S.

This is why private rehabs should be considered because in the end, the price you will pay is quite small compared to what’s at stake – your life.