Drug Rehab Trusted by Many For Full RecoveryDrug Rehab Trusted by Many For Full Recovery

Drug rehab that offers you the best drug addiction treatment

If you only knew then how much more pressure and pain drug addiction would add to your life… If you only knew then the rotten feeling of coming down from a high… If you only knew then the strain it would add to your relationships… If you only knew then that checking out from your life “just for a little bit” would turn into a loss of control over your entire life… If you only knew these things, maybe you wouldn’t have tried it that first time and you wouldn’t need to look for a drug rehab to treat yourself at a drug addiction treatment centre.

But you did. And now you realize how much you’ve lost because of it. It’s hard to lose your self-respect, the respect of people you love, your job, all your savings, the ability to feel pleasure without drugs, your health, control over your life… But you can get all of that back by rehabilitating from drugs the right way.

The Rewards Of Overcoming Addiction

Getting into a drug rehab centre can help you overcome the addiction and live a normal life again. Getting addicted to drugs cost you a lot. Get back what you lost by overcoming your addiction.

We’ll help you regain the things you’ve lost. Regain your self-respect. Show your family and friends that you’ve made a positive change in your life. Learn to keep a good job and keep your hard-earned cash for better things than drugs. Experience joy and happiness without getting high. Learn to take care of yourself again.

In other words, take control of your life again and realize that freedom is exciting!

How Do You Recover At A Drug Rehab?

What Are Your Options?

You have two options. Let’s start with the one that’s best for after care. This is called outpatient rehab. With this option, you’ll be able to come to individual and group therapy sessions of drug addiction treatment and still go to work and be at home during the rest of the time. If you want to overcome addiction with minimal disruption to your life, you can get outpatient rehab.

But seeing our clients choose the opposite of that with full disruption is exactly what will help you heal successfully. A shift in your routine, a drastic break in your habits is more likely to be helpful. And that’s what the second option, inpatient rehab, will give you.

Our inpatient rehab is a residential, live-in facility with all the amenities of a comfortable and luxurious facility. You basically bring your clothes and toiletries and check-in to our centre depending on the time required (30, 45, 60 or 90 days) for your drug addiction treatment to begin intensive drug rehabilitation. We call this ‘programming’. We create your own program, custom tailored for your situation as that’s has contributed to our famous high success rates of recovery.

You have 24/7 support to help you through withdrawal (medical support during the initial detox to help with withdrawal), cravings, and everything else you’ll be experiencing during that time. You’ll be in a peaceful environment, you’ll have a chance to take part in productive, enjoyable and therapeutic activities, and you’ll be surrounded by supportive, awesome staff with years of experience.

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(picture of a room in our inpatient/live-in drug rehabilitation facility)

What Kinds Of Supports Will You Get?

At the our drug addiction treatment centre, you will get:
  • Help through withdrawal from medically trained staff;
  • One on one counselling tailored specifically to your situation;
  • Group sessions where will you build a network of support;
  • Days filled with both fun and relaxing activities to keep your cravings down;
  • Support for family members who want to help the relationship heal.
What Can You Expect At Our Drug Rehab ?

At the Canadian Centre for Addictions, you can expect high quality care and high quality in everything:
  • Our inpatient facility is located in a convenient location. Our location away from your former life (and the bad elements who put you on this bad path) will help you get a clean slate to begin a new, better life.
  • Our staff is highly experienced & composed of empathic, caring, trained personnel. You’ll be in good hands, whether you’re spending time with medical staff, therapists, or other staff.
  • You will get gourmet food prepared by first rate chefs. We use only the best ingredients and we can accommodate your dietary restrictions.
  • You will spend time in a luxurious, beautiful private facility. It’s nothing like a hospital. We have hardwood floors, pool tables, comfortable chairs and couches. Everything about our facility feels inviting. A fully gated environment that keeps outside elements out ensuring 100% privacy (from media, unwelcome guests, etc)
  • You’ll have access to a lot of healthy entertainment: Activities to keep your mind busy will promote healing and recovery. We even have a full gym to keep your body in balance.

What Do You Do After Drug Rehab?

As you may have heard, recovery is a process. This process entails being around elements that will help you stay clean. This is why we’re a partner of a renowned sober-living house. 

Headway House is a private, co-ed, upscale, sober-living transition house.  They are located in mid-town Toronto, near parks, shopping, and transit.  They provide supervised and accountable residential living, by a multi-disciplinary team of professionals, in a structured and supportive environment.   

They assist in the positive integration back into society by providing a structured and healthy environment for clients to grow while learning how to deal with life on its terms.

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Call Us To Learn More About How We Help Treat Addiction

At our drug addiction treatment centre, we have medical staff and counsellors who understand how drugs can affect your life and who can help you through withdrawal and the other challenges of overcoming addiction. Our programs are tailor-made for each and every individual that comes in, like you. We have many supports in place to help you lead a normal, substance-free life. At our drug rehab centre, you will learn to:

  • lead a life free of substance abuse;
  • develop healthy habits to replace your former dependencies;
  • have more fulfilling relationships unimpaired by drugs;
  • be happier without relying on drugs to give you a high.
If you’re ready to start living a fulfilling life, we’re here to help. Speak with one of our addictions counsellor from one of the best Toronto drug rehab centres and get help today. You can even ask for a tour of our facility if the virtual one isn’t enough.