Alcohol Rehab Trusted by Toronto For Real RecoveryAlcohol Rehab Trusted by Toronto For Real Recovery

Top Alcohol Addiction Treatment At Our Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol addiction is a serious problem. And it’s made worse by the way our society keeps denying that. Alcohol is a substance with physiological effects.

It depresses the body.
It depresses you, sometimes when you’re drunk, often after.
It impairs reaction time and coordination, just like many drugs.
It is a drug.

But because it’s widely available and incorporated into many social events, it’s easy to forget that. Our alcohol rehab can and will help you.

It starts with one drink with friends, or one drink to unwind after a tough day. Next thing you know, you’ve had several and things get out of control.
  • Maybe you spend the night sick and can’t make it to work on time.
  • Maybe you have a huge, pointless fight with someone you love.
  • Maybe you or someone else gets harmed.
  • Maybe you don’t even remember what happened.

If this happens often, you need an alcohol addiction treatment program in our alcohol rehab centre.

But if you do remember… how do you feel about yourself when you realize how much hurt you’ve caused for yourself and for the ones you love?

Alcohol addiction is a burden. It’s a prison of pain, for you and for the ones you love. Who wants that?

Free Yourself from Your Prison By Coming To Our Alcohol Rehab

Fortunately, alcohol dependence can be treated. You can learn to have fun or to unwind without always getting wasted and wasting your life away. You can learn to interact with people without the haze of alcohol clouding your judgement and making you do or say things you regret later

And you’ll see, when you do, how liberating it is to live your life on your own, without the bad influence of alcohol.

All it takes is the decision to get help. We have the expertise, the caring and the tools to help you successfully break free from the addiction. We’ll help you lead a normal life again.

Why Can’t I Treat My Alcohol Addiction Myself?

Maybe you can, but the cravings and the emotional turmoil that follow when you stop using a substance you’re addicted to can be tough. Real tough. Most people’s usual environments and home situations make that period worse by exposing them to the substance they’re trying to avoid or to unsupportive people.

Sometimes this can turn into a very bad withdrawal that deserves medical assistance. Our alcohol rehab goes through a medically-supervised alcohol detox program before beginning your customized intensive alcohol rehab programs.

At our alcohol rehab treatment centre with the in-patient option, you’ll get the right kinds of supports. You’ll be seen by medical staff. You’ll get counseling. You’ll be part of a supportive community. You’ll even be in an environment and a routine that will make overcoming addiction easier, by breaking your old habits and giving you a fresh start.

Call Us and We’ll Show You That Freedom Is Exciting!

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(in-patient facility located in Port Hope, Ontario)

At the Canadian Centre for Addictions, we understand the challenges that come from alcohol abuse. We work with you to help you develop positive habits and a healthy lifestyle. At our alcohol rehab centre, you’ll learn to:
  • develop a healthy, alcohol-free lifestyle;
  • replace alcohol abuse with positive habits and coping mechanisms;
  • mend the relationships that have been damaged by the effects of alcohol;
  • perform better at work without the impairment that comes from alcohol abuse;
  • lead a happier life without the toxic effects of substance abuse.
The best part is your recovery happens in a comfortable, private environment away from the distractions of your life.

The alcohol rehab Toronto trusts. Help is within reach whenever you’re ready to heal. Speak with one of our addictions counsellors now.