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Outpatient Rehab: Because you may have other obligations

(We also have inpatient rehab in Port Hope, Ontario)

You know you need help but you want to maintain your autonomy and our outpatient rehab provides that.

You realize rehab is what will help you but you don’t want to “put your life on hold.”

You want a better life but you still want to hold on to what’s good in your life, like your job or school.

So you tell yourself you’ll do rehab later. Or you figure you’ll quit using addictive substances on your own.

And maybe you will. But maybe you won’t. These are resolutions that get made with the best of intentions but often turn into broken dreams.

If you won’t do inpatient rehab now because it’s inconvenient, you’ll never do inpatient rehab, because it’ll never be convenient. If you try to quit on your own, you might be one of the few who succeed, but you might find the task infinitely more difficult without a supportive community and professional support.

No Need to Halt Your Life for Rehab

Thankfully, a Toronto inpatient drug rehab or a Toronto inpatient alcohol rehab program isn’t an “all or nothing” situation. If you choose to quit your addiction, you don’t have to spend your entire time in our addiction rehab toronto facility to benefit from the support that will help you succeed.

That’s why we have outpatient rehab. Because we understand that rehab has to work for you. We work with you to fit our support into your own circumstances.

While inpatient rehab provides more support and isn’t as disruptive as you might think, you might find that outpatient rehab makes more sense for you.

Which Supports Do Outpatients Get?

At the Canadian Centre for Addictions, we offer three streams of services to support you through your recovery.

Group Therapy

You can attend outpatient groups as you try to recover. You’ll get supportive counselling to help you through the journey. After you’ve completed the rehab program, you can also attend weekly aftercare group sessions to get ongoing support as you continue to apply positive habits in your new life.

There are also family groups for the family members of addicts. Because addiction doesn’t only affect the drug or alcohol user, we provide support for your loved ones. Family members can attend whether their loved one is still using, in rehab, or even sober. Nobody should have to suffer alone through addiction.

Individual Counselling

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We offer one-on-one counseling for addiction and for family members of drug users. If you’re struggling with substance dependence, we can work with you in individual therapy to help you overcome the addiction. If you’re a family member of someone with a dependence, we can provide you with support and help you cope.

Family Support Counselling

In addition to the group support and individual counseling that are available to family members, we also offer couples therapy. This works well for couples who have a family member who is struggling with addiction. This could be a child of the couple, another close relative, or one of the people in the couple.

How Do I know If I Should Get Outpatient or Inpatient Rehab?

Outpatient rehab care might work for you if:

  • You’re not at risk for suffering from intense withdrawal symptoms;
  • You have a healthy network of support;
  • You’re not surrounded in your life by people who drink alcohol or do drugs;
  • You can commit to attending all your appointments and sessions.

If you’ve tried to quit before unsuccessfully, if you will need medical attention during the withdrawal phase, if you want a break from the routine of your life as a substance user, if you want more continuous support, you might benefit more from inpatient rehab.

But know that even if you choose outpatient rehab and even if you’re not in our facility 24/7, recovering is a 24/7 job. You’ll just have to do more of the work yourself. We’ll still be there for you the whole way. It’s just that instead of walking beside you through the journey, we’ll be right behind you.

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Outpatient rehab is designed to fit into your life, on your terms. And at the Canadian Centre for Addictions, we make sure that whatever your needs are, you get the support you need. That’s why our outpatient program offers so many different types of supports.

Call us to find out more about how we can help you and to get started on the healing process. We’ll be with you every step of the way, whether you’re in our facility or not.

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These posts are written by the staff of CCFA based on the ongoings and observations in the addictions and recovery industry. We're a private drug and alcohol rehab with an inpatient location in Port Hope, Ontario, Canada and an outpatient location in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.