Inpatient Rehab For Serious Addiction TreatmentInpatient Rehab For Serious Addiction Treatment

Inpatient Rehab: Drugs & Alcohol (Residential Addiction Treatment)

Inpatient rehab is for people who are ready and serious to recover from addiction to drugs or addiction to alcohol or any other substances. This is very important because rehab is round-the-clock care, 24/7. It’s this constant process that really gets the addiction out of your system.

So an inpatient rehab like ours really is fully residential treatment centre. You bring some personal belongings and come stay at the facility for a period of time (say 45 days). We start you off with a detox (if needed, and yes, we have an in-house detox procedure!) and create a custom treatment plan for you… and you begin the journey of recovery. 

You may also have noticed how our setting is very luxurious, has chef-prepared meals and basically gives you a resort feel. This may make you wonder what’s the point of that. 

When someone who is really dependant on their substances comes to our facility, they like that it doesn’t feel like a hospital. This is because hospital settings most times don’t really help. But more importantly, if you are actually going through some kind of treatment in a beautiful resort like facility – would you want to leave? 

You won’t.

And if you don’t leave, you’re only giving yourself the chance to recover. This feeling is paramount to help you continue to stay. Luxury + Comfort is the anchor a substance dependant person needs to finish their treatment.

In most cases, our rehab’s inpatient nature even contributes a tiny bit to avoiding relapses.

Avoiding relapses is a completely different thing based wholly on the therapies provided, and theoretically going inpatient has nothing to do with it but we have heard from our clients that the routine our facility eases you into is an easy one to follow for life.

It is important for you to know a few things:
  • We are a fee-only rehab. This means we do not accept provincial healthcare (like OHIP). You will have to pay for yourself (self pay, family pitching in, or employer payments are what our clients usually go for). But in the event that you need outside financing, we allow Medicard (third party financiers)
  • You will need to check in for a period of time (we offer 30/45/60/90 days).

We are strategically located two hours from Toronto and three hours from Ottawa in a town called Port Hope, Ontario. This allows our clients to stay away from their comfort zones, but not far that their families and loved ones cannot visit.

Get additional information about inpatient rehab for addiction treatment below along with how they’re instrumental for your recovery and staying sober. Just a 3 minute read. If not, call the number on your right to learn more.

Addiction: A Death Sentence

You know how it works. You have a hard time and you take your drug of choice. You “just want to have some fun” and you take your drug of choice. You want help falling asleep and you take your drug of choice. Soon you take your drug of choice to help you do everything.

But it doesn’t help. It turns you into an angry, vicious person your family and friends don’t recognize for the person they loved. It keeps you from doing the things you have to do, like your job. You end up doing things you never thought you would do to afford the substance that’s destroying your life.

Your body turns against you and feels rotten every time you come down from your high. The lows are rock bottom low – so much more intense than the highs. You don’t even get high anymore; you just take this drug to keep from feeling this way.

Your life is no longer your own. Drugs own you. Alcohol owns you. And you risk death from overdose if you don’t take back control of your life.

If you’re taking drugs but you think you’re not there yet, that’s the trajectory you can expect. Unless you kick the addiction now.

You Can Live Again

Reclaim your life with our Toronto drug inpatient rehab centre. Build meaningful relationships again. Heal from the pain your addiction has caused and help the ones who love you heal too.

Do something that matters to you. Find pleasure in things that don’t destroy you. Feel good in your body. Feel alive again, the right way.

Inpatient rehab (also called residential treatment) is the best live-in treatment that is going to help you do all of these things. It’s going to help you get rid of the burden that weighs you down, the burden of addiction. You can learn to feel free again.

Is Recovery Possible?

Getting rid of something like addiction isn’t easy. It gets a chokehold on your life and infiltrates every part of it. That’s all the more reason to free yourself. With inpatient drug rehab or in-patient alcohol rehab you give yourself the tools you need to succeed.

You’ll get medical help and counselling through the dark phase of withdrawal. We’ll also teach you to hold on to the light at the end of it, even when times get tough.

“I’ve relapsed before so rehab doesn’t work.” Relapse is part of the process for some, but it’s only the end of the recovery journey if you choose to make it so.

Relapse is a lesson to learn from. We’ll work with you to see what didn’t work for you last time and help you build strategies to overcome it this time around.

How Long Does It Take?

It depends on you. Breaking an addiction isn’t the same as quitting chewing your nails or learning to keep a better posture. It’s a complete change of life. It’s a process, with ups and downs.

The thing you need to know is that the reward of rehab isn’t just at the end, when you realize you haven’t used drugs in years. The process itself is rewarding. As soon as you start reconnecting with yourself and with the ones you love, you’re reaping the rewards.

For alcoholism, choose our residential alcohol rehab near Toronto to find this reward. We have 30, 45, 60 and 90 day programs.

A residential alcohol rehab or a residential drug rehab (like ours in Ontario) are worth their weight in gold because they not only treat your addiction, but also set you up with a stay-sober mindset. Just like learning to swim or bike, the tools and techniques you get from such an inpatient residential rehab are with you for life.

Why Inpatient Rehab?

People usually choose inpatient rehab over outpatient rehab. But they object to residential treatment because they think it will disrupt their lives.

In reality, taking a leave from work to get the right help is less of a disruption than losing your job because you can’t do your work. Maybe your relationships are so strained already that your family and friends want time apart to let the relationships heal.

So why inpatient rehab?

  • Because the cravings are intense in the beginning. With inpatient rehab, you won’t have the option to relapse during moments of weakness. You’ll learn to resist cravings and make that strength a habit.
  • Because kicking a drug or alcohol addiction causes withdrawal. Here, you’ll be supervised and we’ll get you through it.
  • Because reclaiming your life so drastically can be an emotional experience. When you’re here, you can cope with that without burdening your family and friends.
  • Because people in your life can’t provide 24/7 support. But our inpatient program will give you 24/7 support. You’ll be surrounded by caring people who have experience with drug and alcohol rehabilitation.
  • Because life is full of the stresses of work, relationships, bills – things other people need. Here, you can focus on what you need, right now. Then, once you’ve recovered, you’ll have the strength to tackle your daily responsibilities.
inpatient rehab

Give Us a Call and Let us Guide You

The Canadian Centre for Addictions is here for you. Our centre in a gorgeous location, away from the temptations and stresses of the city. Plus:

  • We take a client-centred approach. Our clinical team works with you to develop a program that works for you and your own circumstances.
  • At the CCFA, you get one-on-one counselling, group therapy, an introduction to meditation, physical exercise, and outside activities. The whole program is structured to help you achieve an alcohol- and drug-free lifestyle.
  • Because substance abuse is a burden that also affects those in the addicted person’s life, we provide workshops for family members, friends, and employers. These workshops provide information, education and support for those in the life of the recovering individual, so you can repair your relationships.
  • After you have completed the residential drug treatment program or residential alcohol treatment, we provide up to one year a lifetime of aftercare (at no extra cost) to help you maintain an alcohol- and drug-free lifestyle.

If you want to live your own life again, feel better about yourself, have better relationships with the ones you love and do the things that matter to you, our inpatient rehab program can help you.

Canadian Centre for Addictions

These posts are written by the staff of CCFA based on the ongoings and observations in the addictions and recovery industry. We're a private drug and alcohol rehab with an inpatient location in Port Hope, Ontario, Canada and an outpatient location in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.