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I Have an Alcohol Problem & Require Drinking Management Please

Written by Seth Fletcher on January 25, 2015
Last update: August 3, 2023
What is an Alcohol Problem?There are many people that can have an occasion drink and be ok with stopping after one or two while unwinding after a long day or attending a social event. There are, however, a larger majority of people that are unable to drink in moderation and cannot stop after a few.Excess drinking can lead to problems in one’s life when it comes to relationships, work, and sometimes even legal issues. Over drinking can cause a person to have bad judgment and increases the chance for dangerous behavior, such as driving, which could potentially hurt or kill someone…. or have you end up at a rehab.What Are the Warning Signs of an Alcohol Problem?If you or someone you care about is showing some of the following signs, there may be an alcohol problem.
  • Not being able to drink in moderation, or unable to stop at all
  • Needing more alcohol than previous to reach same level of effect
  • Spending more time than usual when recovering from drinking
  • When you stop drinking, you get sweaty, shaky, sick, or even anxious
  • Giving up your favorite activities so that you can drink instead
  • Not being able to cut back or quit drinking altogether
  • You are hiding your drinking from others
  • Friends and family are approaching you about your drinking with concerns about your well-being
  • Continuing to drink more even though alcohol is the main cause of your current problems
  • There are many reasons people develop an alcohol problem. We may not always understand what they are going through, but for one reason or another, they become dependent and almost “need” alcohol to help them get through the day.
If you or someone else is drinking too much too often, then this can lead to a serious addiction. Some people may even be able to go weeks without a drink, but could still have an addiction problem with alcohol. A stressful day or bad incident could trigger a chain reaction causing them to fall back into a heavier drinking mode.What Can You Do If You Think You Have a Problem With Alcohol?Family members and friends will most likely be the first to approach you about a possible problem you may have. They can also be the best ones to turn to in your time of need, as they know you better than anyone else and they can help to guide you through the difficult time ahead with love and support.But you may also require the assistance of a doctor or possibly need to find a Toronto alcohol rehab centre to help you fight your addiction.If you want to know where to start, please click here to get in touch with someone who can help.
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