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19 Aug
When Youthful Dreams Become Nightmares: The Tragedy Of Teenage Addiction They say aging and death are the great equalizers. They don’t discriminate. Drug addiction should join the list. It is present in all walks of life. It doesn’t care about race, creed, gender, status, or age. Or if you’re the son of a mega-rich hotelier. Gary Mendell lost his son Brian to opioid abuse disorder in 2011, when Brian died by suicide. Mendell admitted that he hadn't [...]
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31 Mar
“I’m only a casual drug user so I don’t need any help” See how drugs impact your lifeRecreational drug addiction affects not only the life of the users but also the lives of their family and friends. Associated risks range from physical damage to the breakdown of relationships. It can also lead to long-term dependence, either physical or psychological. The first step to sourcing help is accepting that there is a problem, and understanding the potential level of harm that can occur [...]
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