Rehab Guidliness

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CCFA Rules, Expectations and Guidelines

  1. The consumption of ALCOHOL or use of any unauthorized mind or mood altering substance is STRICTLY PROHIBITED, especially within our Toronto alcohol rehab centre. Failure to comply with this rule will result in immediate discharge.
  2. Any resident who behaves in a manner that would cause suspicion of the use of alcohol or mind or mood altering substances or who is found TO BE IN POSSESSION of any alcohol, drugs or paraphernalia related to drug use, is subject to discharge.
  3. ALL PRESCRIPTION MEDICATIONS, OVER THE COUNTER DRUGS or VITAMINS of any kind are to be deposited with the admitting counselor and will be dispensed as prescribed on request. DO NOT PURCHASE, OR BRING IN, any of the above while you are a guest of CCFA without prior approval from management or staff.
  4. All residents are required to take an active part in the program. Therefore, attendance at all Centre meetings and outside meetings is MANDATORY.
  5. PUNCTUALITY is required for all meals and meetings.
  6. SMOKING is permitted in designated areas only.
  7. Bedrooms are to be kept NEAT AND TIDY at all times. Wake up call is 7:30 AM. Beds must be made by 8:00 AM. All books, toiletries, face cloths, towels, personal items and clothing must be kept in their proper place. Residents retire at 11:00 PM. All lights out at 11:30 PM.
  8. Residents are required to be NEAT IN APPEARANCE at all times. EXERCISE APPAREL cannot be substituted for casual wear in the house.
  9. NO FOOD OR BEVERAGES are allowed in any of the bedrooms. All food is to be consumed in the designated areas.
  10. Residents maintain the cleanliness of their quarters and of the Toronto drug rehab centre as a whole. Residents shall take all reasonable steps to ensure cleanliness, including, but not limited to: closing windows when not in use, shutting off all lights, ensuring that refuse is properly disposed of. Common areas are to remain neat and clean. This includes common living rooms and bathrooms. Food is NOT to be eaten in bedrooms or living room area.
  11. The main kitchen area, fridge, stove and microwave are OFF-LIMITS to all residents expect those who have been assigned kitchen duties.
  12. LAUNDRY facilities are provided. NO LAUNDRY is to be done in the washrooms.
  13. Politics, religion or any other controversial subjects are not suitable for discussion in the Centre. PROFANITY IS TO BE KEPT TO A MINIMUM.
  14. Residents are NOT PERMITTED TO HAVE A VEHICLE while a guest of CCFA. When attending outside AA/NA meetings, all residents must use the appropriate modes of transport.
  15. Please DO NOT feed any animals on the property.
  17. Acceptable card and board games may be played in the dining room only. Gambling (including lottery ticket pools) is not permitted. Please be courteous of other residents, keeping noise to a minimum and cleaning up after yourself.
  18. Family Visits – Saturday and Sunday between 1:00 PM – 4:30 PM. All residents are permitted to receive guests Saturday and Sunday afternoons. All guests must sign in and sign out at main office. Residents are permitted to leave the property with approved family members during visiting hours after one weekend of being in the program. All residents must complete the REQUEST FORM and submit it to their primary counsellor by Thursday afternoon for approval.
  19. Food – If you have special needs or dietary restrictions please notify the chef upon arrival.
  20. Phone Calls – Limited to evenings after 4:00 PM. There is a 10 minute limit if other residents are waiting for the phone.
  21. Television – Television is permitted between 7:00 am – 8:30 am and after 4:00 pm daily. CCFA reserves the right to restrict some television shows and movies.
  22. Communication Devices – All phones, tablets and laptops must be turned in to the office upon arrival at CCFA. Music devices such as IPods are permitted after 4:00 pm. No use of internet or social media is permitted while a guest at the facility.
  23. Fire/Emergency Evacuation Procedures – In the event of fire or emergency alarm, clients should leave the building via the closest exit and proceed directly to front of the property. A staff member will call roll to make sure all are present. A staff member will notify you when it is safe to return to the building.
  24. Client Conduct – Violence or threats of violence or verbal abuse will not be tolerated and may result in immediate discharge from CCFA. You are expected to respect staff and fellow residents at all times during your stay at the facility.
  25. Inspection of Personal Belongings – At the point of admission, your belongings will be inspected by a CCFA staff person. Items removed will be locked in a secure location. CCFA reserves the ability to inspect your personal belongings and the space CCFA provides you (i.e. bedroom) at any time.
  26. Fraternization will not be tolerated. CCFA is a mixed-gender treatment facility. At no time will residents be permitted to “date” or have physical relations while at CCFA. Residents discovered to be in violation of this policy will immediately terminate their treatment stay without recourse.