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Drug Rehab Waterloo


Canadian Centre
For Addictions

175 Dorset Street West,
Port Hope, ON
L1A 1G4
In-take Hours:
Mon-Fri 9 am-3 pm

Waterloo Drug Rehab Trusted by Many

Waterloo drug rehab, a private rehab centre, maintains a heavy focus on clients in our approach to drug rehab. We offer quality substance abuse and alcohol treatment for adults.

Treatment plans are tailored to individuals. Each client has a treatment plan that allows us to better treat specific clinical issues.

Our drug addiction treatment programs are built on evidence based models that strengthen our clients. One of our benchmarks is assisting clients in solidifying goals. This helps them remain steadfast in treatment while retaining genuine desires for change.

Our drug addiction treatment techniques utilize proven teamwork models of value when working with clients grappling with addiction. The staff is comprised of a team of leading addiction counselors and doctors.

We are located in a private and beautiful location by Lake Ontario. Our drug addiction treatment centre uses a therapeutic approach which concentrates on the client’s personal power, value system and particular issues facing them.

We believe that every client is different. We do our best to customize treatment plans. Our programS help clients come to terms with treatment so they truly desire change.

Treatment is not a one size fits all process. We can work with a clients therapist while striving to meet their needs.

Once admitted to Waterloo drug addiction treatment centre, our clinical team does assessments. Then we create and adjust treatment plans according to specific recommendations.

Our individualized treatment drug rehab systems (treatment that is specially tailored to an individual that specially notes the root of the problem) has been proven to work. Our focus on relapse prevention minimizes or completely removes relapses

Clients attend individual and group addiction therapy meetings. This equips them with a structured atmosphere supportive of recovery.

Past successes prove our approach. As clients relate to their peers in a protected environment they learn to both share and discuss feelings with more detail.

They find help in their struggles as they communicate personal recovery stories, difficulties along the way, and histories of set-back.


The CCFA has showed me a new way of life. The counsellors here are amazing, love working with all of them. I had a great stay and can’t wait to continue my road to recovery with the tools I have learned. Thank you.
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