Thunder Bay Alcohol Rehab - Trusted, then ChosenThunder Bay Alcohol Rehab - Trusted, then Chosen

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Thunder Bay Alcohol Rehab to Reclaim Your Life

People seeking alcohol addiction treatment need safe, reliable, confidential assistance quickly and conveniently. Often, public treatment is too crowded for service when a person decides to seek treatment. In these situations, private alcohol addiction treatment centres can step in to meet the needs of people seeking change.

People seek treatment for a variety of reasons. There are as many reasons for treatment and for addiction as there are people suffering with addiction. Thunder Bay alcohol rehab offers individualized treatment, and guarantees the treatment for a lifetime. Alcohol addiction treatment is a journey, it is not a single event. One must continue to pursue reform for a lifetime to truly experience the freedom from alcohol addiction.

Because alcohol rehab is a process, the price of treatment at Thunder Bay rehab centre includes a lifetime of aftercare to support the patient who wants permanent change for a lifetime. Rehabilitation is an ongoing process that does not end when you walk out the door.

Relapse prevention is part of the treatment process. Experienced medical professionals use unique therapy plans that support patients to prevent or minimize relapse, but they will continue to be available to support a patient who needs encouragement in sobriety.

Located on beautiful Lake Ontario, our alcohol addiction rehab centre is a peaceful place to rediscover peace in your life. Caring professionals treat the cause of alcohol addiction in each person who attends their program. The treatment plan is successful because it targets the individual person's needs for alcohol rehab and does not require a patient to adapt to an impersonal program that may not address their particular needs.

Many residents of Thunder Bay choose an alcohol rehab that assures privacy. No governmental agencies or employers are notified of attendance. Private rooms allow patients time and space to address their needs with the solitude they may need to resolve personal issue that have led to alcohol addiction.


The CCFA has showed me a new way of life. The counsellors here are amazing, love working with all of them. I had a great stay and can’t wait to continue my road to recovery with the tools I have learned. Thank you.
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