Richmond Hill Alcohol Rehab - An Approach That WorksRichmond Hill Alcohol Rehab - An Approach That Works

Alcohol Rehab Richmond Hill


Canadian Centre
For Addictions

175 Dorset Street West,
Port Hope, ON
L1A 1G4
In-take Hours:
Mon-Fri 9 am-3 pm

Richmond Hill Alcohol Rehab Trusted by Many

Richmond Hill Alcohol Rehab is a private rehabilitation clinic for people struggling with alcohol addiction. We customize our services to suit every individual's addiction for a successful recovery.

There are numerous benefits of having your alcohol addiction case doctored at a private alcohol addiction treatment centre. All the services we offer in this alcohol rehab facility are aimed at helping you lead an alcohol-free life.

As we understand well that alcohol rehab is a process and not a one-day event, we factor our pricing to include a free lifetime aftercare. We ensure full recovery by monitoring your after-facility progress at no additional cost.

In our alcohol addiction treatment, we understand well the occurrence of relapses. To counter these relapses, we ensure your care is individually prioritized minimizing or even eliminating the relapses.

We offer our alcohol addiction treatment away from home, dealers, and comfort zone to help you recover. Our facility is strategically located in a private and appealing location by Lake Ontario giving you peace of mind.

The team of our doctors and counselors catering for your alcohol rehab needs have the necessary experience. With the relevant expertise, the team is the leading in the field of alcohol addiction rehabilitation.

In your alcohol addiction exercise at our facility, we guarantee you a successful recovery. That is why we follow your progress even after we discharge you to ensure a full recovery. Your satisfaction is our pride and joy.

You have full privacy in your stay at our facility. We even offer private rooms and inform no any government authorities of your stay. We do this for your satisfaction to help in your recovery.

Choose to become happy and consider getting your alcohol addiction eliminated. Watch no more as your loved ones suffer and struggle with uncontrollable alcohol addiction.

Make the right choices to get professional help for yourself or your loved ones. Call us now to learn more.


The CCFA has showed me a new way of life. The counsellors here are amazing, love working with all of them. I had a great stay and can’t wait to continue my road to recovery with the tools I have learned. Thank you.
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