Guelph Drug Rehab - Trusted, then Chosen.Guelph Drug Rehab - Trusted, then Chosen.

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Canadian Centre
For Addictions

175 Dorset Street West,
Port Hope, ON
L1A 1G4
In-take Hours:
Mon-Fri 9 am-3 pm

Guelph Drug Rehab Trusted by Many

Are you worried about a loved one with a drug addiction problem? If so, stop worrying and get the help you need through Guelph drug rehab. Help is readily available at this drug addiction treatment centre.

You and your loved one can become happy again through this private rehab. We offer individualized treatment that is tailored toward the root of the addict's problem. Our drug addiction treatment center is located near beautiful Lake Ontario.

We have top notch doctors at our drug treatment facility and our prices include lifetime aftercare because we know that overcoming addiction is a lifelong process. That is something that other drug rehabs do not offer. This sets us apart from the rest.

Our private rooms and guaranteed recovery will offer you peace of mind. There is no government interference. Being away from home during recovery is a huge stepping stone in this process.

Family plays a big role in an addict's recovery process. At our drug addiction treatment rehab we understand how important family support can be. After the initial intake and detox period, families are encouraged to visit their loved one.

Your loved one will be provided with the tools necessary to recover from years of drug addiction habits. Learning to live without drugs is a huge task but we assure success with our methods.

Remember, because we tailor each individual's treatment plan, our program is guaranteed to work. Unlike other facilities we remove the problems with relapse through continued lifelong support. Our success rate is guaranteed due to our individually tailored recovery plans.

What are you waiting for? Get the help you deserve now. Speak with an intake counselor at our drug rehab and take the path to recovery and the happiness that you once had will return to your familie's life. Life is too short to wait any longer!


The CCFA has showed me a new way of life. The counsellors here are amazing, love working with all of them. I had a great stay and can’t wait to continue my road to recovery with the tools I have learned. Thank you.
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