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The Lindsay Lohan Drug Abuse Story: A Timeline

lindsay lohan drug abuse
(via News Online file photo)

Everyone has heard of the drug and alcohol abuse story of Lindsay Lohan, notable child star of the movie Parent Trap.

Lindsay’s private struggle was broadcasted across news outlets everywhere, and many have since become aware of the presence of a drug and alcohol abuse issue in Lindsay’s life. As has been made abundantly public, many celebrities struggle with this issue, but what few realize is how many people without celebrity status struggle with the same things in the same way;

We’ve put together a rough timeline of Lindsay Lohan’s struggle with alcohol & drug abuse to illustrate how difficult the road to recovery can be, and how without proper help and counseling, and the desire to get better, circumstances can worsen and become cyclical. There’s a lot to understand about addiction and recovery, and this is just the start.

The Timeline

• January 2007: She makes her first visit to rehab and spends thirty days at the Wonderland Centre in Los Angeles, California.

• May 2007: She is arrested for drunk driving and spends another forty-five days in rehab. She is released and agrees to wear a monitoring bracelet.

• July 2007: She is arrested and charged with drunk driving and drug possession.

• August 2007: She spends her third visit to rehab at a centre in Utah. She pleads guilty to driving under the influence and using cocaine. Her sentence includes jail time, community service and three years probation.

• October 2009: The judge adds a year to her probation for not attending alcohol counselling.

• May 2010: The judge adds no alcohol, random drug testing every week and an alcohol bracelet to her sentence.

• July 2010: The judge sends her to jail for violating probation and skipping out on alcohol counseling again. She is to go to a rehab program when she gets out of jail.

• August 2010: She is released from jail early and taken to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center to start rehab.

• September 2010: She fails a drug test and is taken to jail. She is bailed out that night with an alcohol bracelet and checks herself into the Betty Ford Center in California.

• October 2010: She violates her probation and is ordered to stay in a rehab program until January 3.

• January 2011: She leaves the Betty Ford Center and moves into an apartment.

• June 2011: She is released from house arrest for grand theft (grand theft happened a few months ago) after thirty-five days. She must resume her community service.

• July 2011: A hearing reveals she has not attended any court-ordered psychological counseling.

• October 2011: Her probation is revoked for not fulfilling her community service requirements. She is arrested and then gets bailed out the same day.

• November 2011: She is ordered to spend thirty days in jail. She is also ordered twelve days of community service per month and attend at least eighteen psychotherapy sessions. If she does, she will be off probation in March. If she doesn’t, she will spend nine months in jail.

• December 2011: She is doing well. She has been doing her community service days and attending psychotherapy as required.

• January 2012: She has done well and managed to stay on track.

• February 2012: This makes three months of positive reports.

• March 2012: She is finally off probation, though she has two more years of informal probation from her grand theft charge.

• June 2012: She is involved in an auto accident. She is charged with two misdemeanours (involving substances).

• March 2013: She gets ordered to spend ninety days in rehab as part of the sentence for the auto accident.

• May 2013: She checks into the Betty Ford Center again.

• June 2013: She then switches to Cliffside Malibu for rehab.

• July 2013: She is released from rehab, but must attend three therapy sessions a week until November 2014 to keep her from backsliding.

Only time will tell if the Lindsay Lohan drug abuse story ever finishes. After a struggle of nearly seven years, she is finally doing better. She was in and out of rehab.

But when she finally committed to a program long-term with weekly counseling to help her stay clean, things got better. In this way, she is no different from anyone else suffering from drug addiction.

This is why if you suffer the same addictions as Lindsay Lohan don’t hesitate to seek out drug rehab. It is impossible to recover alone and that is why there are rehabilitation centres and treatment programs.