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How Drug Rehab Centers Can Get Addicts Back on Their Feet

Written by Seth Fletcher on October 15, 2015
Last update: May 15, 2024
Substance abuse has been one of the most increasingly prevalent problems to ever plague society. The tight grip that addiction has on people can be so strong that they can consume the individual's life. Because abuse problems can begin and accelerate so quickly, acting quick with the help of drug rehab centers can often be the only way to battle this illness.

While drug abuse problems can occur in anyone, certain groups seem to be more susceptible to the problem. Mental illness has been found to have a strong correlation with substance abuse. Whether one may lead to the other is still unclear, but the sheer numbers raise this question.

People with existing mental illnesses have been found to be twice as likely as the general population to develop a drug addiction. At least 20% of all people who suffer from a mental disorder have some form of co-occurring drug abuse problem.

Similarly, people with drug addictions are three times more likely to have a form of mental illness. Over 15% of all people with a substance abuse problem have a co-coinciding mental disorder as well.

Another factor that can lead to serious problems in the future if precautionary measures are not taken with alcohol abuse treatment or drug rehab centers, is the age of addicts. People who are aged anywhere between 15 and 24, are far more likely to experience a mental illness or a substance abuse disorder than any other age group. And when addictions begin at such an early age, heavy use can make rehabilitation in the future that much more difficult, as well as preventing the individuals from establishing themselves.

It's a terrible circumstance when one must suffer from either a substance abuse disorder, be it alcohol abuse or drug addiction, or a mental illness separately, but simultaneously dealing with both must be overwhelmingly taxing to the body and mind. Professional drug rehab centers can offer programs and treatments meant to relieve individual's of their drug habits, as well as get them back on their feet to function in the real world.
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Seth brings many years of professional experience working the front lines of addiction in both the government and privatized sectors.

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