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10 Jan
Drug Abuse Myths and Facts

drug-addiction-canada-300x201Drug addiction no doubt is a risky and unhealthy behavior. However, there are several drug abuse myths and facts associated with it that people don’t realize. The notion of addiction has been plagued by myths and wrong information. This has actually made it harder for drug addicts to seek treatment and return to their normal life.

7 drug abuse myths:

Myth No 1: An addiction gene is primarily responsible for drug addiction

Fact: There is no such gene or genes present in an individual with addiction. Even if a person’s father or mother or both are addicts, it does not mean, children will be too. The fact is that most people get addicted due to the influence of their environment or to experience it for the first time. The addiction gene gives a false sense of confidence and paradoxically discourages others from seeking treatment.

Myth No 2: Addiction is for life

Fact: The above myth is absolutely not true. This myth can have a huge emotional and psychological burden on individuals who have recovered from drug abuse. Addiction is a kind of depression and it differs from one person to another. Though many individuals struggle for years to get rid of addiction, others manage to quit in a very short-time period.

Myth No 3: Addicts often relapse and therefore, treatment does not work

Fact: In medical science, relapse is considered as a part of the recovery process. Even if a person does not achieve complete abstinence, addiction treatment can help reduce the number of relapses. Treatment, therefore, allows individuals to return to their normal life. Our drug rehab in Toronto will offer you the best chance at recovery.

Myth No 4: Marijuana does not cause addiction

Fact: The fact is that marijuana can be addictive. It has been found that teenagers who start taking marijuana get addicted when they reach their adulthood. Marijuana can cause several health problems such as anxiety, trouble thinking and memory loss, to name only a few. College students who regularly take marijuana are at risk of memory loss and difficulty sleeping, etc.

Myth No 5: Drug abuse is more common among lower socio-economic society

Fact: Drug addiction is prevalent in every society. However, it is true that a particular age group or socio-economic groups are more vulnerable than others. For example, young children and teenagers are more prone to substance abuse.

Myth No 6: Rehab Centres completely stop drugs from Day 1

Fact: The purpose of rehab centres is to treat patients suffering from drug addiction. In today’s rehabilitation centres, physicians specialize in drug addiction medicine. They use them to help combat patients’ physical, emotional and withdrawal problems. Though each case is taken separately, doctors may prescribe some drugs to help patients with the craving for opiates, cocaine or other drugs. In addition, a healthy diet, and exercise program are recommended as well.

Myth No 7: Treatment is only effective on an inpatient basis

Most people generally think of inpatient treatment, which is not true. As a result of awareness, and the effort to control costs, outpatient treatment is becoming more popular. Some years back, most of the addiction treatment was done on a residential basis. Today, the percentage of residential or inpatient treatment is drastically decreased. The main advantage of outpatients is that they can continue their work and live a normal life and at the same time, get treatment as well.

There are many other myths linked with drug addiction. These myths need to be discarded by bringing awareness in our society. Drug addiction surely is a big problem among all age groups. It is the duty of every individual in a society to bring awareness and educate people to fight against addiction.

There are many myths associated with alcoholism and if you need help with alcoholism, we provide alcohol rehab in the Toronto area, offering the support you need.

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