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30 Aug
How To Help My Daughter Quit Alcohol Without Problems? | CCFA How To Help My Alcoholic Daughter?Parents anticipate many different milestones and obstacles when they have a daughter. Some are to be expected, like her first heartbreak and getting her license. Others are much darker.One such unexpected challenge is alcoholism. Substance abuse is not what we're taught in health class growing up; the majority of teenagers and young adults will experiment with alcohol without plunging into addiction.No one [...]
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27 Aug
How Do I Help My Mom Stop Drinking Alcohol? | CCFA How To Help My Alcoholic Mother?For most people, mothers are not just caretakers but also confidants, supporters, and best friends. Although they share their ups and downs, mothers and their children have an unbreakable bond that has endured through the hardest moments of their lives.However, no one's mother is perfect. Behind closed doors, many people struggle to help an alcoholic mother whose addiction changes her into someone unrecognizable.[...]
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24 Aug
Public Rehabs vs Private Rehabs | What Do I Do? One of Canada's greatest features is its free healthcare. But having such a generous government means that there are often problems with accessibility. And having such an option brings you to ask which one should you go for? Public rehabs vs private rehabs?If you need to go to a hospital, you can do that with relative ease. Getting into a residential public rehab centre is a different story. People [...]
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22 Aug
How To Help My Alcoholic Father See Reason Again? Dealing with an alcoholic parent is a grievous challenge. How to help my alcoholic father you ask? Whether they're functional with their alcohol consumption or not, addiction is always crippling in some form or another. As a child, you may not feel it's your place to comment on what your father does with his life. However, as time goes on, you've undoubtedly realized that something needs to change.Maybe your [...]
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30 Jun
How To Stop Drinking Alcohol On Your Own – Secrets Exposed How to Stop Drinking Alcohol Alcohol addiction is a complicated problem. Millions of people around the world struggle with it, many for their entire lives. Alcoholism impacts every aspect of a person's life. An alcoholic suffers mentally, emotionally and, ultimately, physically and once it's takes a toll, almost everyone wants to know how to stop drinking alcohol. Some of these methods were used by sober-today celebrities. And now we are [...]
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10 Jan
7 Reasons Why People Abuse Drugs Why do people use drugs?We usually attribute losing control due to one’s dependence on a substance to weakness. But the real reasons why do people use drugs (and abuse) are far more complex. Beyond the moralistic explanation, there is a deep need to understand reasons people start taking drugs . Here are some of the possible reasons why people become addicted to drugs. 1. Addiction As a Result of [...]
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10 Jan
How To Quit Cocaine Before It Ruins Your Life Nip It In The Bud! Photo Credit: Stuck in Customs via Compfight cc Our parents are sure to have said to all of us, in some way or another, “Nip those bad habits in the bud! Or else, they’ll sprout roots and stay with you for a long time!” That’s good advice to follow when it comes to cocaine. The use of cocaine should be nipped before it [...]
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09 Jan
The Main Effects of Alcohol Abuse on Children nbsp; Effects of Alcohol Abuse on Children? There's so many! Creative Commons image licenseFamily is always the first one to take the hit, right? When something goes wrong in our lives, they’re the first to feel the blow. I mean, it makes sense. But children? Man oh man, the main effects of alcohol abuse on children are just too many. They’re the closest relationship to us and they [...]
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08 Jan
Teen Drug Abuse Facts & Their Implications Teen substance abuse in Canada is on the rise. According to Statistics Canada, 60% of illicit drug users in Canada are between 15 and 24 and that's one of the many teen drug abuse facts.[Updated April 15, 2016]: We published an infographic talking about the drugs in Canada. Take a look.Popular illicit drugs in Canada include: Marijuana, Ketamine, LSD, Cocaine, Bath salts, Methamphetamine, GHB, Ecstasy and Alcohol.Of [...]
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02 Apr
Teen Drug and Alcohol Abuse – 5 Signs Teen drug and alcohol abuse is a dangerous arena, whether you admit it or not. Stories of teens abusing drugs and alcohol are common. Perhaps you’ve even thought, “My child wouldn’t do that!” You might even feel that dabbling with drugs and alcohol as a teen is “normal” behaviour that is simply unavoidable. After all, you survived, right? Summer 2016 is fast approaching, along with all the music [...]
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