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21 Mar
Benefits of Drug Rehab There are many trends when it comes to addiction. For instance, men tend to have higher rates of addiction than women; young people between the ages of 15 to 24 tend to experience substance abuse disorders more than any other age group; and Canadians are found to drink more than 50% above the global average. However, the truth is that addiction can happen to anyone, at any time. And it [...]
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10 Jan
Oxycodone & OxyContin Addiction Treatment Oxycodone & OxyContin Addiction Treatment Opiod Addiction TreatmentAt our drug addiction treatment facility we deal with treating Opiod addictions as well, especially oxycontin addiction or oxycodone addiction. Given their surge in popularity this is one of the meanest drugs to get off of with nasty withdrawal symptoms.Our industry leading addiction treatment team consists of doctors and counsellors (including a former Toronto Maple Leaf NHL player) who create a customized [...]
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10 Jan
7 Reasons Why People Abuse Drugs Why do people use drugs?We usually attribute losing control due to one’s dependence on a substance to weakness. But the real reasons why do people use drugs (and abuse) are far more complex. Beyond the moralistic explanation, there is a deep need to understand reasons people start taking drugs . Here are some of the possible reasons why people become addicted to drugs. 1. Addiction As a Result of [...]
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10 Jan
A History of Drug Abuse in Canada The history of drug abuse in Canada started around 1850. Although Opium has been around for a very long time dating back to at least the Neolithic age, recreational use of Opium began in China in the 15th Century. To understand the history of drug abuse in Canada, we go back to the 19th century where migrants from China reached British Columbia and started settling there. They established opium dens [...]
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10 Jan
How To Quit Cocaine Before It Ruins Your Life Nip It In The Bud! Photo Credit: Stuck in Customs via Compfight cc Our parents are sure to have said to all of us, in some way or another, “Nip those bad habits in the bud! Or else, they’ll sprout roots and stay with you for a long time!” That’s good advice to follow when it comes to cocaine. The use of cocaine should be nipped before it [...]
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10 Jan
Canadian Deaths From Drugs Per Year: An Eye Opener It’s no secret that substance abuse is a major problem in Canada. But do you know the shocking numbers of drug related deaths in Canada?At issue is not just the problem of abuse, but the increasing number of deaths that occur as a result of inappropriate or illegal drug use, both for street drugs and for prescribed drugs that are misappropriated and/or misused.Drug related deaths in [...]
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10 Jan
The Lindsay Lohan Drug Abuse Story: A Timeline caption id="attachment_16773" align="alignright" width="475"] (via Hollywood.tv/Splash News Online file photo)[/caption] Everyone has heard the Lindsay Lohan drug abuse story. When a private struggle is plastered across news outlets everywhere, it’s hard not to at least hear about it. But what few realize is how many people without the notoriety of a celebrity struggle with the same thing in the same way.So we [...]
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08 Jan
Marijuana Addiction Treatment Marijuana Addiction Treatment Marijuana is probably one of the most controversial of all psychoactive drugs. There are more myths and misconceptions about the drug, its nature, its addiction potential, and the physical and psychological problems associated with its use than any other drug we deal with. Marijuana addiction treatment might change it all.After alcohol, it is the most popular drug abused. It is estimated that just over 4% of [...]
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08 Jan
Teen Drug Abuse Facts & Their Implications Teen substance abuse in Canada is on the rise. According to Statistics Canada, 60% of illicit drug users in Canada are between 15 and 24 and that's one of the many teen drug abuse facts.[Updated April 15, 2016]: We published an infographic talking about the drugs in Canada. Take a look.Popular illicit drugs in Canada include: Marijuana, Ketamine, LSD, Cocaine, Bath salts, Methamphetamine, GHB, Ecstasy and Alcohol.Of [...]
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16 Dec
An Intervention Could Save Your Loved One’s Life – Here’s How to Prepare for an Intervention Does your loved one suffer from drug or alcohol abuse? It's a scary fact to consider, but over 47,000 Canadians die annually as a result of substance abuse. Don't let your loved one become a statistic. If you're unsure how best to help them, an intervention is a great way to approach them with genuine concern in hopes that they'll seek treatment or visit a professional drug rehab facility. [...]
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