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02 Dec
Get the Care That Government Owned Drug Rehab Centers Can’t Provide The costs of health care have long been a heated issue, constantly being debated over with little forward momentum. Even with a universal health care system in place, the money expended by government organizations is substantial due to some conditions being so difficult to overcome and requiring extensive treatments, sometimes also with no progress. One of these prominent issues is the overwhelming number of substance abuse problems.The costs of [...]
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11 Nov
How Alcohol Addiction Treatment is Saving Lives While new medications and procedures are being developed all the time, one disease that has continued to elude a definite cure is substance abuse. It is a condition that can affect anyone at any time. Part of what makes addiction problems so difficult to treat, is that they affect the mind as much, if not more, as the body.Even with a larger focus on awareness of the consequences that [...]
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04 Nov
3 Ways a Rehab Centre Can Help You Substance abuse has now cost the health care system in Canada $8 billion. Fortunately, rehab centres are working hard to help with issues of addiction and mental illness. Men are more likely to suffer from an addiction, but women are more likely to suffer from mood and anxiety disorders. In addition, people ages 15 to 24 are more likely to suffer from mental illness and/or substance abuse than any [...]
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23 Oct
Why Addicts With Mental Illness Need Specialized Drug Rehab Centers Drug and substance abuse has been an exceedingly prevalent problem that is plaguing society. With the stresses of modern day life, it can be easy for anyone to become addicted to a drug. Unfortunately, over time we've come to notice a trend in certain demographics that are more prone to developing addictions. One group of individuals who appear overly susceptible to these issues are those suffering from mental disorders. People [...]
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19 Oct
Canadian Centre for Addictions celebrates Recovery Day in Toronto Recovery Day is an annual event, first held on September 30, 2012, which demonstrates and celebrates the ability of those with drug, alcohol and behavioral addictions to achieve long-term sobriety and live productive and healthy lives and also to eradicate the stigma around addiction, whether it be to illicit drugs, pills, alcohol, eating or gambling.  Recovery Day brings together treatment centre’s professionals, counsellors and community groups.Celebrating addiction recovery [...]
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15 Oct
How Drug Rehab Centers Can Get Addicts Back on Their Feet Substance abuse has been one of the most increasingly prevalent problems to ever plague society. The tight grip that addiction has on people can be so strong that they can consume the individual's life. Because abuse problems can begin and accelerate so quickly, acting quick with the help of drug rehab centers can often be the only way to battle this illness.While drug abuse problems can occur in anyone, [...]
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14 Nov
Why I Quit Using Cocaine And Why You Should Too At first, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to tell this story; that is, the story of how I quit using cocaine. It’s been a long and hard road to recovery for me, but I’ve decided that if my account can help just one person, it will be worth it.My storyI was a poor student, had very little money and a low-paying job to help get [...]
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