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22 Jan
The Red Flags: 5 Signs of Alcoholism Alcohol is now the third-leading cause of the global burden of disease and injury, and it's showing. This is one of the main reasons an alcohol rehab exists.Here we will show you five signs of alcoholism so you're aware. Did you know that a Centre for Addiction and Mental Health study found Canadians drink more than 50% above the global average?  Substance abuse has now cost the Canadian health [...]
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10 Jan
The Many Social Effects of Alcohol Abuse You’re Of Age! Photo Credit: Aih. via Compfight ccWhat are the social effects of alcohol abuse?HAPPY BIRTHDAY! So it’s your 19th birthday and you’re finally old enough to drink (without getting in trouble)! And you’re faced with a choice. You can choose to try this magical elixir that’s so popular amongst high-schoolers or you can opt out and stick to juice and water. When [...]
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09 Jan
The Main Effects of Alcohol Abuse on Children nbsp; Effects of Alcohol Abuse on Children? There's so many! Creative Commons image licenseFamily is always the first one to take the hit, right? When something goes wrong in our lives, they’re the first to feel the blow. I mean, it makes sense. But children? Man oh man, the main effects of alcohol abuse on children are just too many. They’re the closest relationship to us and they [...]
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11 Nov
How Alcohol Addiction Treatment is Saving Lives While new medications and procedures are being developed all the time, one disease that has continued to elude a definite cure is substance abuse. It is a condition that can affect anyone at any time. Part of what makes addiction problems so difficult to treat, is that they affect the mind as much, if not more, as the body.Even with a larger focus on awareness of the consequences that [...]
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09 Feb
Where Can You Get Help For Alcohol Abuse One of the hardest things with alcohol abuse is being willing to admit that you need help and you want your life to change. Many people struggle with alcohol abuse for years before realizing that their alcohol use is a major cause of the problems destroying their relationships at work, home or even causing them to have issues with law enforcement or jail time. And sometimes, they go on a [...]
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02 Feb
How to Get Help For Drinking Problems – A Guide Attempting to overcome alcohol abuse without help can be likened to rappeling down without a harness – not holding onto the rope and not falling are nearly impossible. If you don’t want to fall, knowing how to get help for drinking problems is an essential and powerful part of making the decision to start recovery. Do You Need Help for Drinking Problems? If you are concerned about the amount you [...]
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01 Feb
Where To Get Help With Alcohol Problems Alcohol problems can be a tough addiction to overcome, and many people struggle to maintain their sobriety for years even if they are able to stay sober during that time. It is an endless fight for most who struggle with this vice, but there are resources available to you if you truly want to seek help with your battle, or help a loved one get help with theirs. The hardest [...]
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31 Jan
How Can You Help Someone Stop Drinking The desire to help stop someone who has a drinking problem stems from compassion and concern. However, it isn’t up to a friend, spouse or family member to shoulder someone else’s drinking problem, or battle the problem for them. To teach someone how to quit drinking alcohol is tricky because it depends on some things.Unfortunately, you can’t force someone with a drinking problem to tackle their [...]
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25 Jan
I Have an Alcohol Problem & Require Drinking Management Please What is an Alcohol Problem? There are many people that can have an occasion drink and be ok with stopping after one or two while unwinding after a long day or attending a social event. There are, however, a larger majority of people that are unable to drink in moderation and cannot stop after a few. Excess drinking can lead to problems in one’s life when it comes to [...]
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15 Jan
I Have An Alcohol Addiction – Help Me Recover Faster If you’re struggling with alcohol addiction, recovery is no easy task. Consider our proven Toronto drug rehab facilities and start fresh. After all, drinking can help you forget about your problems, instead of facing them. Maybe it’s your only way to relax after a stressful day at work. Overcoming an alcohol addiction can help improve your personal relationships, help you to feel better both physically and mentally, and [...]
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