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12 Feb
Drug Use and Abuse In Canada Drug abuse has been a growing problem all around the world, even in Canada. The cost of combating the drug problem is an expensive one that quickly drains resources and the taxpayers wallet. Not only is the monetary cost high but so is the personal cost. Here are some facts concerning drug use and abuse in Canada. Drug Use and Abuse in Canada Drug use and abuse in Canada is [...]
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01 Sep
Educator’s Guide To Substance Abuse Education Drug education in the classroom can be a very important protective factor when it comes to helping youth make healthy decisions when it comes to substance related decisions.  For teachers, this requires honest and factual dialogue for this education to be effective.  The environment that the teachers create must be supportive.  Having an environment that youth can feel comfortable expressing themselves in can increase information preservation.In the classroom setting, [...]
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09 Aug
Turn The Tables On Opioid Crisis In Toronto With the term “Opioid Crisis” proliferating over traditional and digital medias on an almost daily basis, the call for immediate action is now.   Toronto hospitals experienced the highest number of drug related emergency room visits of the year last week, and it is becoming abundantly clear that what ever is being done currently is clearly not working. It is in difficult times that solutions to complex and widespread problems and [...]
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01 Mar
Crystal Meth And The Classroom Earlier this month, a Mississauga teacher was suspended for facilitating a drama activity wherein his 13-year-old students were provided with a list of ingredients for how to make Crystal Meth. The assignment materials instructed students through the recipe to not only make Crystal Meth but included a detailed manual as to how to inject meth with a syringe. Students were then encouraged to role play injecting the drug and were [...]
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12 Oct
Recovery Day – A Fabulous Event For the Second Year For the second consecutive year, the Canadian Centre For Addiction (CCFA) donned the Silver Ribbon and gathered at Mel Lastman Square in Toronto to celebrate National Recovery Month. Darren, Seth and Abraham, attended the event held on the 18th of September representing the CCFA.With over 30 Canadian cities designating a day in September to celebrate Addiction Recovery, the event continues to grow and raise awareness of the real possibilities [...]
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10 Jan
A History of Drug Abuse in Canada The history of drug abuse in Canada started around 1850. Although Opium has been around for a very long time dating back to at least the Neolithic age, recreational use of Opium began in China in the 15th Century. To understand the history of drug abuse in Canada, we go back to the 19th century where migrants from China reached British Columbia and started settling there. They established opium dens [...]
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10 Jan
Canadian Deaths From Drugs Per Year: An Eye Opener It’s no secret that substance abuse is a major problem in Canada. But do you know the shocking numbers of drug related deaths in Canada?At issue is not just the problem of abuse, but the increasing number of deaths that occur as a result of inappropriate or illegal drug use, both for street drugs and for prescribed drugs that are misappropriated and/or misused.Drug related deaths in [...]
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10 Jan
The Lindsay Lohan Drug Abuse Story: A Timeline caption id="attachment_16773" align="alignright" width="475"] (via News Online file photo)[/caption] Everyone has heard the Lindsay Lohan drug abuse story. When a private struggle is plastered across news outlets everywhere, it’s hard not to at least hear about it. But what few realize is how many people without the notoriety of a celebrity struggle with the same thing in the same way.So we [...]
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09 Jan
The Main Effects of Alcohol Abuse on Children nbsp; Effects of Alcohol Abuse on Children? There's so many! Creative Commons image licenseFamily is always the first one to take the hit, right? When something goes wrong in our lives, they’re the first to feel the blow. I mean, it makes sense. But children? Man oh man, the main effects of alcohol abuse on children are just too many. They’re the closest relationship to us and they [...]
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08 Jan
Teen Drug Abuse Facts & Their Implications Teen substance abuse in Canada is on the rise. According to Statistics Canada, 60% of illicit drug users in Canada are between 15 and 24 and that's one of the many teen drug abuse facts.[Updated April 15, 2016]: We published an infographic talking about the drugs in Canada. Take a look.Popular illicit drugs in Canada include: Marijuana, Ketamine, LSD, Cocaine, Bath salts, Methamphetamine, GHB, Ecstasy and Alcohol.Of [...]
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