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02 Apr
Teen Drug and Alcohol Abuse – 5 Signs Teen drug and alcohol abuse is a dangerous arena, whether you admit it or not. Stories of teens abusing drugs and alcohol are common. Perhaps you’ve even thought, “My child wouldn’t do that!” You might even feel that dabbling with drugs and alcohol as a teen is “normal” behaviour that is simply unavoidable. After all, you survived, right? Summer 2016 is fast approaching, along with all the music [...]
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19 Mar
My spouse is an addict: How To Help When you hear yourself thinking "my spouse is an addict", you are overwhelmed with emotion. Just that thought is unnerving! If you suspect your loving husband or loving wife may have an addiction problem, you are probably wondering what you should be doing to help him or her. This is a tough problem, but one that must be addressed sooner rather than later. My Spouse Is An Addict: What Can [...]
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20 Feb
How To Approach A Drug Addict Overcoming a drug addiction is a difficult thing to do; approaching a loved one who is addicted to drugs so that they can actively combat their drug problem is just as hard. The first thing that you need to know is that successfully going to your friend or family member to let them know that they need to fight back against this illness and that you are there for them [...]
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