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Do You Recognize The 5 Early Warning Signs Of Illegal Drug Usage?

Written by Seth Fletcher on December 3, 2014
Last update: February 9, 2023
The signs and symptoms of illegal drug usage in its early stages can be difficult to detect, mostly because there are any number of explanations for each sign on its own. These signs and symptoms can indicate trouble if they are coupled with other strange behaviors, or if multiple symptoms are present. Successful rehabilitation is possible for drug users, but the earlier the problem is detected by loved ones, the quicker treatment can be begun. Early treatment for illegal drug usage can be extremely effective.

Sudden Mood Changes

Drastic changes to a person’s personality or mood may signal they are using drugs. Generally speaking, mood disturbances due to drug use last for an extended period of time. They are also incredibly noticeable, and usually occur rather suddenly. For example, a normally outgoing individual suddenly becomes introverted, or a normally passive individual becomes easily agitated.

A change in Daily Pattern

By the time individuals reach adulthood, they generally have set patterns. They eat, sleep and engage in activities on a regular schedule. Drug abuse can disrupt these normal patterns and change the way an individual goes about their normal life. They may sleep more or less, or at different times of the day. They may replace normal hobbies with new interest or may stop going to their normal places of interest.

Physical Changes

Physical changes is one of the most obvious signs of drug abuse. Drastic weight loss or gain, with no obvious explanation may be a sign of drug abuse. Additionally, blood shot eyes, profuse sweating, and changes in speech, hyperactivity and unusual smells, can all be signs of illegal drug use.

Financial Problems

Drug use is an expensive habit. When drug use becomes drug abuse, the user may suddenly seem to be constantly out of money. He or she may not be able to explain why they have no money, regardless of earning an ample living. An individual who is not working may borrow a great deal of money promising to pay it back, but they are never able to do so.

Suspicious or Secretive Behavior

Many addicts will go to great lengths to hide their addiction. This includes acting secretive about their comings and goings and their whereabouts. Often the change is noticeable and quick. A formerly open person may become extremely secretive about where they are going. They may also act suspiciously when someone asks them about their whereabouts.Drug use and abuse is an all too common problem. While not all drug users are addicts, nor are they abusing drugs, the illegal nature of the drug market makes use dangerous.Are you struggling with illegal drug use? Would you like to recover from drug use? If yes, we at the Canadian Centre For Addictions can help and guide you through recovery. Contact us today for help.
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Seth brings many years of professional experience working the front lines of addiction in both the government and privatized sectors.

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