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30 Aug
A Special Kind Of Birthday: Celebrating One Year Of Sobriety If you stopped using drugs or alcohol sometime in the last year, you will soon be marking off the days to completing your first year of being sober. No matter what path your addiction took, this is an occasion for celebration. You have worked hard to get to this point: you have endured the withdrawal symptoms and made the decision to improve life for yourself and for the people you [...]
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29 Aug
When Marijuana Becomes Medicine: Are Its Users At Risk Of Becoming Addicted? I can’t sleep, I get irritable, I have anxiety. I get these zaps in my fingers, and my head can’t stop craving cannabis. I can’t function.” These are the complaints of a medical marijuana user to addiction psychiatrist Dr. Timothy Fong. His patient “couldn’t get seven days off without going back to using again.” And yet, despite many cries for help like these, advocates and detractors [...]
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28 Aug
Common Addiction Myths That Are Hurting People With Addictions Alcohol and drug addiction is a societal problem that has far-reaching impacts on the individual’s health and relationships, and on their ability to make meaningful contributions to their family and community. The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) estimates that in 2014, substance abuse disorders cost Canada $38.4 billion in health care, criminal justice and lost productivity[1]. The link between drug abuse and mental illness has [...]
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26 Aug
Addicts In Captivity: Are Prisons Doing Enough To Help Prisoners With Addictions? Are prisons doing enough to help prisoners with addictions? This is a topic that can fuel an argument. There are some who may say a person should be able to overcome their drug or alcohol abuse when they’re sent to prison. As soon as they’re incarcerated, they can’t use drugs anyway! There are some who think, do they deserve help? They’re the ones choosing to use [...]
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23 Aug
Getting High is A Many Splendoured Thing: The Dangers of Polysubstance Abuse There is a hospital in Brooklyn, New York City, where history was made in taking better care of addicted patients. This is Maimonides Medical Center. Their intensive care unit (ICU) used to have a largely geriatric patient population, but in just two years, they were overtaken by younger patients in withdrawal from alcohol and polysubstance abuse. The majority of the withdrawal patients came from the emergency department. Most of the [...]
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22 Aug
Addiction During Pregnancy: What It Means For Mother And Baby Addiction During Pregnancy: An Overview People with substance use disorders suffer from the stigma of being addicts. Because of societal stereotypes, woman are stigmatized far more than are men. With pregnancy added to the mix, the pressure can be immeasurable. It intensifies the effects of the stigmatization on the physical and mental health of the mother, and this affects the well-being of the fetus. It can also mean that the [...]
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21 Aug
The Opioid Crisis In Canada Every few months or so, there is a news report about the number of deaths caused by opioid overdose. Opioids have been in our society for hundreds of years, stemming from opium which was derived from the poppy plant. The common forms of these drugs- such as morphine, codeine, oxycodone and fentanyl- are strong pain killers that have addictive properties due to their ability to create a euphoric state of [...]
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16 Aug
Marijuana Addiction Quiz The dangers of cannabis use disorder are frequently underestimated, especially in places where possession and use of the drug has been legalized. After all, if it’s legal, it can’t be that bad, right? The increasing use of marijuana as medication adds further to the perception of weed being both harmless and non-addictive. The reality, of course, is that misuse of almost every legal substance can cause problems. Even [...]
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15 Aug
How To Support An Addicted Loved One Without Enabling Them Watching her spouse battle his substance abuse disorder, including both drug and alcohol addiction, was extremely painful for Margaret, especially when he suffered through his failed treatment programs. Every time he entered a rehab centre, Margaret and her family members believed this would be the time that it stuck. The family members all thought they had effective ways of helping him, that if they loved him enough, helped him as [...]
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14 Aug
Doorway to the Unknown: How To Tell If A Loved One Might Be Addicted Names have been changed to protect the identity of the interviewees. A Family Consumed By Addiction Simone stared at the curious fresh welts on Peter’s arms and legs. These were not the marks she was used to. They looked like lots of tiny spikes. The bruises she viewed as “normal” were from automotive fan belts. She wondered what could have caused these new ones, so she asked her older [...]
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