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3 Ways a Rehab Centre Can Help You

Written by Seth Fletcher on November 4, 2015
Last update: February 26, 2024
Substance abuse has now cost the health care system in Canada $8 billion. Fortunately, rehab centres are working hard to help with issues of addiction and mental illness. Men are more likely to suffer from an addiction, but women are more likely to suffer from mood and anxiety disorders. In addition, people ages 15 to 24 are more likely to suffer from mental illness and/or substance abuse than any other ages. With these statistics in mind, it is easy to see that rehab centres have their work cut out, but they are not shying away. Read on for three ways they can help you or your loved ones.Drug Rehab Those addicted to drugs, especially hard drugs, can go through a very difficult time trying to stop their addiction. Withdrawal symptoms can be intense and painful, physically, mentally, and emotionally. A trained team at a rehab centre knows how to handle those going through this difficult stage, making the treatment safer for you or your loved one.Alcohol Rehab Alcohol abuse is a very difficult addiction to overcome, and often, a full alcohol detox is the best form of treatment. This, in addition to a strong support system with encouragement will get them through the initial parts of treatment. While it is difficult to overcome, it is certainly not impossible, and a trained team at rehab will be able to help.Counseling Mental illnesses are strongly linked to substance abuse, and can often occur together or as a result of each other. Counseling can help patients get to the root of the problems they face, and can provide productive discussions on how to overcome obstacles. Counseling provides an open floor with an unbiased third party, allowing the patient to discuss issues they may not be able to be open about with family or friends. In addition, a professional knows how to teach healthy coping methods for symptoms.Do you or a loved one need help? Be sure to get in touch, and begin treatment as soon as you can!
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